Tips and Tricks That Can Lead To Acne Break-Out In 40s

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By Dr. Blossom Kochhar

Just when we thought that our puberty days are over and our hormones won’t act up and finally, we can have flawless skin, bam we see a bump on our face. Many of us in our 30s and 40s have experienced acne and wonder what is the cause now.

Firstly, we need to burst the myth that acne can happen only during puberty, acne is the result of sebum (oil) glands getting clogged with bacteria. Androgens, which are primarily male hormones, exist in both sexes and cause your sebum pores to enlarge and become more active, which can lead to acne.

Let us look at some major reasons for adult acne:

Hygiene – it is extremely important to keep our face dirt free at all times, one should not miss cleaning, toning and moisturing twice a day. Weekly exfoliation is extremely important as it removes all the dust that gets accumulated in the pores which can lead to acne.

Diet – eating oily and fattening food can definitely give you acne. Eating unhealthy food stimulates the oil glands which leads to more production of oil, leading to clogged pores hence a burst of acne.

Stress – when your mind is clogged with bad thoughts, confusion and is in distress it has adverse effects on your digestion which shows its effects on your skin. Stress is a big reason for adult acne.

Hormonal imbalance – our hormones fluctuate a lot even after puberty and this is true especially in the case of females, women experience hormonal changes throughout their reproductive years which results in acne.

Family history – Genetics also play a key role in whether you develop acne, so if your immediate relatives have struggled with bad acne, the odds are that you will, too, even as an adult.

Now let us look at some home- grown solutions for acne –

Multani mitti is God sent for those suffering from acne. Try this pack to free yourself from acne scars – In a bowl, take two tablespoons of Fuller’s earth and add one teaspoon of sandalwood powder and one teaspoon of turmeric into it. Mix the three ingredients well. Now, add some water as required and mix it all to make it a smooth paste. Apply this face pack on a clean face with the help of a facial brush and let it sit for about 20 minutes. Rinse the pack off with lukewarm water and moisturize with a lightweight moisturiser. Use this face pack once a week for oil-free and spotless skin.

To treat acne, dry it out first. For that touch the pimples with the spirit of camphor. Keep applying until the pimples dry up. It may sting but don’t worry, It will check the infection.

Next is to lighten acne scars, Take 1 bunch of green grapes. Moisten with water and sprinkle with 1 tablespoon of alum and 1 teaspoon salt. Wrap grapes in foil and bake in a slow oven for 15 minutes. Squeeze the juice of grapes and cover face with the liquid. Rinse off after 15 minutes with lukewarm water.

Use an Ice Pack regularly, wrap ice cubes in a bit of cloth or cotton and apply it to the open pore areas. This helps diminish enlarged pores.

If you have stubborn acne and pimples then using coffee regularly can be really helpful. The natural exfoliator present in coffee combined with its anti- bacterial properties fight these skin bacteria. Use coffee grounds and rub them slowly on your face, make sure you don’t stress acne areas. This will remove dead skin and reduce acne. A pack which you can try at home is by mixing 3 teaspoons of coffee with 1 tablespoon of gram flour, 3 teaspoons of honey, and 2 teaspoons of aloe vera gel and 2-3 drops of lavender essential oil. Keep the pack on for 15 minutes or until it dries and then rinse it off with normal water.

Easy remedy for those who are always struggling with time, touch the pimples with the spirit of camphor. Keep applying until the pimple dries up. It may sting a little, but don’t worry that’s its way of treating the infection.

If you have developed acne or pimples because of stress, try this very easy DIY pack – Add 2 pods of crushed garlic and 1 teaspoon of calamine to 2 teaspoons of egg white. Leave this on your face for 20 minutes and rinse off.

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