Lift Up Your Spirits With Refreshing Cocktails

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As the temperature dips, it’s the time to sit back and to be de-stressed, luxuriate in your most liked vodka martini  with a thin slice of lemon peel.  Add few cider to your preferred sangria, some pumpkin spice to your latte. With the coming chilled season, don’t forget to spice up your drinks properly and to make frosty weather a little more soothing. Here, mixologist Mr. Lionel Vallado (House of Nomad, Taj Lands End, Mumbai) curated three themed cocktail recipes which will bring warmth to your night by the fire.



Ingredients: Tanqueray gin – 40ml, crème de cassis(homemade) – 20ml, fresh lemon juice – 25ml, sugar syrup – 15ml

Method: Built

Process: Add Gin, Lemon Juice And Sugar Syrup in the Boston Shaker. Shake The Drink. Pour the Drink in the Rocks Glass, add Crushed Ice in the glass. Now Put the Syringe Having Homemade Berry Liqueur in the Glass, top up with crushed ice. Add Lemon wedge and Blackberry as Garnish along with 2 Straws.

Glass: Rocks

Garnish: Lemon wedge, Blackberry, Syringe



Ingredients: Bacardi gold rum – 30ml, hennessy vs cognac – 10ml, crème de peach – 20ml Fresh, lemon juice – 25ml, gauva juice – 25ml, sugar syrup – 15ml, egg white – 25ml

Method: Shaken

Process: Add all the Ingredients in A Boston shaker. First dry shake the drink then add ice in the Boston Shaker and wet shake the drink Vigorously. Pour the drink in a Chilled Coupette Glass. Lastly put a dragon fruit wedge with orange spiral as a garnish.

Glass: Coupette

Garnish: Dragon fruit wedge and orange twist



Ingredients: Vanilla infused vodka – 30ml, apricot brandy – 30ml, fresh mango puree – 25ml, fresh lemon juice – 25ml, champagne (as side serve) – 50ml

Method: Shaken

Process: Infuse your vodka with Vanilla for several weeks. Add all the ingredients in a Boston Shaker. Shake the drink well and pour it in a chilled Coupette glass. Pour a shot of champagne as a side serve to the drink. Garnish the glass with a Flower.

Glass: Coupette and side shot glass

Garnish: flower

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