Disney+ Hotstar Unveils The Trailer Of Its Next “Dil Bekaraar”

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Will Debjani and Dylan’s ideological differences and professions pull them apart or draw them closer? Experience the charm and love of the 80s with the Thakur family as Disney+ Hotstar ushers in the nostalgia of the 80s.

The highly-anticipated Hotstar Specials’ Dil Bekaraar follows the love story and the intense ideological clash between Debjani Thakur and Dylan Shekhawat. Produced by Sobo Films and directed by Habib Faisal of Do Dooni Chaar fame, Dil Bekaraar will gently transport the viewers to the golden times as they experience the simplicity and find relevance in the Thakur Family.

Played by veteran actors like Raj Babbar, Poonam Dhillon, and Padmini Kohlapure and upcoming talented actors like Sahher Bambba, Akshay Oberoi, Medha ShankarSukhmani Sadana among many others; the characters portray a tale of humorous family drama with a backdrop of liberalization and journalism.

A retired Supreme Court Judge’s wife enforcing order in her family; a popular TV newsreader; a South Delhi Diva; a black-sheep daughter who drags her father to the court for her hissa in the property; and a confused twelfth grader … Dil Bekaraar’s story revolves around very strong female characters with very relatable goals and conflicts.

Based on popular author Anuja Chauhan’s famed novel Those Pricey Thakur Girls, the series represents different shades of women through very engaging characters. Dil Bekaraar revisits the evergreen decade of the 80s and the riveting charm of old-school romance. With Rakesh Singh’s cinematography and Tarun Mansukhani’s execution, this family entertainer drama series is an emotional sail down the memory lane with a backdrop of liberalization that sets the tone for the engrossing plot. Dil Bekaraar is all set to release on Disney+ Hotstar on 26th November.

Talking about his character in the series, actor Raj Babbar said, “My character, Lakshmi Narayan Thakur, is a self-righteous and principled man. Playing this character in the digital space has been a discovery for me as an actor. This script delves into the backstory of the characters and his journey through the 80s was a rewarding experience to portray. Added to this, simply reuniting with immensely talented actors like Padmini Kohlapure and Poonam Dhillon and working with new talent like Sahher and Akshay added a revived vigor on set. With Disney+ Hotstar giving space for experimental content like Dil Bekaraar, actors have the chance to explore new characters.”

 Adding to the same, actor Poonam Dhillon said, Dil Bekaraar has been an enriching experience; reliving the 80s as a mother of five daughters at the cusp of liberalization and modernity influencing the Indian fabric was wholesome. This character of Mamta Thakur is very special to me because it gave me the agency to see motherhood in a new light. Her will to save the honor of the family and provide an unshakeable foundation of the family is a characteristic that many mothers will relate to.”

 Playing the lead in the series, actor Sahher Bambba said, Debjani Thakur might be a character from the 80s but there’s a lot that women of today will relate to when watching her. While playing this character, I was surprised by how progressive she was for the times she comes from. The character has been written beautifully such that her progressive attitude and balance shine through. Working with stalwarts of the industry actor Raj Babbar, Poonam Dhillon, and Padmini Kohlapure was an enriching experience. I can’t wait for the audiences to enjoy the madness of the Thakur khandan in Dil Bekaraar.”

Enjoy the charming age of the 80s with the Thakur Family and their five feisty girls in the upcoming Hotstar Specials’ Dil Bekaraar only on Disney+ Hotstar on 26th November  

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