Use DIY Honey Hacks To Welcome Soft & Glowing Skin

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By Sayeri Roy

Remember the golden days of dipping your spoon in a bowl of honey and feeling the sweetness of it? Whether you drizzle it over your tea or take a bowl to rub it all over your body, honey is a go-to ingredient for all our skincare needs.

The antibacterial properties of the sweet honey could fight off acne-causing bacteria alone. Great for softening, smoothing, and even clearing the skin, it comes in a lot of varieties. Raw honey is easily available and has powerful antioxidant and sterile properties. Here are some great self-care hacks for your skin and body with the natural goodness of honey.

Treats Acne

If a pimple is what you are stressed about, then it’s time you finally stop worrying. Now you can clear off that bothersome pimple utilizing the organic virtues of honey. Dab some honey on your pimple and leave it on however long you can, before washing off with warm water. Nectar is antibacterial and, in this manner, attempts to forestall and treat acne.

Lightens Scar & Burns

Honey has regenerative properties which help in speeding the healing process of the skin. It can help in easing up scars throughout some undefined time frame. Its calming properties additionally make it exceptionally successful in treating sunburns. You can easily take care of that by applying a combination of crude honey and aloe vera gel to the burned part of your skin day by day. To lessen the presence of scars, apply a combination of honey and coconut oil to the affected area day by day, and wash it off inevitably. You will start seeing results in a few days.

Lip Softener

If you are someone who isn’t happy with their exceptionally dark lips, honey can be a savior for you! Honey can be a great tool to get soft and pink lips easily. Get delicate, smooth lips with the power of raw honey! Combine one 1 tbsp nectar, 1 tsp olive/almond/coconut oil, and 1 tsp Brown sugar. Tenderly rub this blend over your lips and let it sit for 15-20 minutes. Wash off with lukewarm water and feel the difference right away.

Dry & damaged hair

You can also use honey to treat your damaged, dry or rough hair at home. Treat dry and damaged hair by blending honey in with coconut oil or flaxseed oil and applying it to the lengths of your hair. Allow it to saturate your skin by wearing a dispensable shower cap and leaving it on for 30-40 minutes. Honey holds dampness viably and is subsequently a characteristic hair conditioner. Use it twice a week to notice an effective difference.

Remove unwanted hair

You might already have heard about this. It’s a homemade waxing process. Make a clean paste by combining one 2 tbsp oatmeal and 1-2 tbsp honey. Massage this into your skin and let it sit for some time before you wash it off with cold water. Honey is an extraordinary exfoliator and when blended in with another solid exfoliator like oats, assists with diminishing undesirable hair from your face and body in a protected way.honey

Face cleanser

Honey can be used to clean your face and remove all dirt particles, leaving you with soft and glowing skin. Combine one 2 tbsp honey, 1 tbsp brown sugar, ½ tsp lemon juice, and, in the event of skin inflammation, ½ tsp cinnamon. Back rub it tenderly into your skin and leave it on for 15-20 minutes before washing off. You can choose to get a patch test done beforehand. In addition to the fact that honey helps exfoliate your skin, it likewise helps battle acne and keeps the skin moisturized, leaving it delicate, clear, and new. Attempt this DIY face scour double seven days for smoother, milder skin.


Honey not only cleanses but also moisturizes your skin. You can apply raw honey to your skin straightforwardly or you can make a saturating face cover with 2 tbsp nectar and 2 tbsp plain yogurt. 2 tbsp nectar and ½ ready avocado likewise makes a healthful face mask. Honey helps in catching and securing your skin’s normal moisture and can leave your skin feeling smooth delicate and smooth after hours of usage.

Dark circle

Dark circles are a common problem to people, with all the long hours of technology use. Honey can also be helpful with that. Apply it directly to your under-eye circles and let it sit for some time before washing it off. You can likewise add a minuscule touch of turmeric powder to this however ensure you don’t add to a lot, else you can land up with a yellowish tint. Honey is a natural skin brightener and will help you regain your original skin tone under your eyes.

Tighten pores

Worried about your pores getting loose? Well, honey might do this for you as well! Mix 1 tbsp honey with 2 tbsp brown sugar and a drop of a lemon squeeze. Rub it into your skin gently. Allow it to fix and dry up before washing off. Honey is utilized in a ton of anti-aging products as it assists your skin in withholding moisture and elasticity, accordingly, hindering the aging process, leaving you with youthful-looking skin that doesn’t ever seem to age.

Using honey on your skin can give you valuable benefits in the long run. It can provide you with a cheap alternative to treatments in acne, scarring, or dull and dry skin. Raw honey is supposedly more expensive than any other kind of honey. But compared with other modern beauty cosmetics, this natural agent will give you a worthy result. Research is still going on to find better versatile uses of honey. So, unless you are suffering from any kind of allergy or rashes, you have no reason to not give it a try!

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