Taapsee Pannu Redefines Style and Fashion In Saree

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By Sayeri Roy

Our Haseen Dillruba, aka Taapsee Pannu, rules the industry with her quirky personality and bold statements. As much of a good actor, she is incredibly beautiful and well versed in the knowledge of fashion.

Checking her Instagram, you would find yourself in a feed filled with double-tap-worthy materials! From western outfits to casual airport looks, the glow on her face never seems to diminish even in her lowest of times.

But it would be a grave injustice to not talk about how adorable and heavenly at the same time actress Pannu looks in her sarees! Yep, that is right. The beautiful 33-year-old actress, living in Mumbai has a peak fashion taste. So elegant and yet classy, and with her natural iconic curly hair, just adds to its entire charm.

5 times Taapsee Wore A Saree With A Twist  


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A nostalgic design with a modern-day twist. Super elegant, Taapsee looks extremely confident in her approach to a retro look, for one of her photoshoots. She wore a white saree, covered in red embroidery giving off a quaint sober vibe. Making it match with the colours of its embroidered design, she paired it with a red blouse with flared net sleeves, with a fashionable tie-up knot at the front.

The knot keeps its place over the pallu of the saree, giving it a unique look from the front. Keeping her hair, a natural mid-length wavy, she added pearl earrings to add another focal point in her looks. Keeping it simple, she added a pair of simple leather slippers to assort the look. Her attire takes us back to the time of the ’90s when wearing sarees like this was a distinctive piece of modern fashion. And the actress with her Haseen looks, successfully managed to give justice to the whole of it.


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For national handlooms day, Taapsee chose to upload a stunning picture wearing her ‘favourite’ handloom saree, as captioned by her. This eloquent piece not only looks like luxury, but its colour contrast is worth a stare at. The aqua green saree looks stunning from afar with its peculiar patterns that depict a tale of its own. A maroon blouse with a golden pattern of zig-zag up its sleeves covering up until the elbow area, and hair in a bun with her locks running short and loose, she added silver jhumkas for the subtle statement along with her slight makeup. With a classic style of red bindi between her brows and a power pose of confidence with her hands, while she looks at the camera, she is sure to be super confident that she slays the look. Majestic in a picture!



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Sharing a throwback of her early days in her career, she shares with her fans an extremely adorable picture of herself. She looks younger, which she was, and the limelight of any room she might have entered that day! A black saree with patterns of golden, paired with a hot pink blouse with no back cuts. The blouse is laced with golden threads of a heavy embroidery design. Her crafty statement neck accessory and gold earrings enhanced her look to another level. As for her hair, she put it up in a bun and added flower garlands around it for the desi vibe. Subtle makeup with a bindi between her brows, her sophisticated traditional look won her hearts in this picture.



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With Pannu-Pind all set for its housewarming, the internet was soon flooded with photos of her new abode’s gorgeous interior decoration and its unique European-themed style. Mixing old-school charm with new tech gadgets, she is all pumped up about showing the newly decorated extension of her house.

Posing in the living room for one of her photoshoots in Pannu-Pind, Taapsee is seen in a draped white saree with borders of embroidery in white threads, and a red blouse with a crew neckline with subtle prints all over it. She looked calm and serene as she moved her face away from the camera during the click.

Her apparel and accessories have always been inclined towards a simpler and more sophisticated side. Even here, she kept the number of accessories to a minimum by adding a designer hand accessory of a bunch of silver bangles. A statement loop earring with a classic ‘Taapsee’ bun, she can carry any outfit and mash it up with her personality in a way that looks as if she was born to wear it! We can already see a part of her interior decorations in the picture, and it is, to say the least, that her choices are as refined as she is herself.


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Her latest, and our favourite – Taapsee in a saree in the streets of Saint Petersburg. Oh! With sneakers, not to mention. The glamourous actress took to her Instagram last month to share beautiful pictures of her trip to Russia. Once again, with a mark of classy, she chose for her outfit a printed off-white saree with workings of gold threads on its border and added a blue blouse with a deep neckline to the look, putting a striking difference of contrast in our eyes – making it stunningly extravagant. Rounding off her looks with an unusual choice of shoes for the outfit; a pair of sneakers, and a simple fashion of watch in one hand with bangles on the other, she walked confidently on the streets of Russia with a grin on her face. Hair tied in a bun with shades over her eyes, she managed to pull the outfit with the utmost sophistication and swag!

Currently living the best moments of her career, Taapsee Pannu is creating an exotic presence of herself onscreen as well as in her authentic life. Making bold choices and fighting hindrances, she works hard for her fans to provide them quality movies and spectacular performances. Still taking the buzz around her latest release, Haseen Dillruba right now, she is currently working on the sets of her upcoming Telegu movie Mishan Impossible. Directed by Swaroop RSJ, Mishan Impossible will showcase Tapsee Pannu in an unconventional role. Loop Lapets, Rashmi rocket, and Doobaaraa are some of her films in line.

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