Kareena Kapoor Khan Encapsulates Fashion Mark Off-screen In Grace

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By Sayeri Roy

Who doesn’t adore Bebo? From her onscreen performances to her on-the-move sartorial choices, she has proved time and again that she is a fashion queen. With a knack for fashion, her choice of apparel even for her OOTD’s and brunches are extraordinarily stunning and fitting.

While we can box her style as of more casual cool, the actress has shown eminent love for jeans, blazers, and eye-catching monograms. Whether be it ethnic choices, or western fits, the actress can rock anything with utmost charm and panache.

Depending on the nature of the occasion, be it casual, a girls’ night out, or a press event, Kareena Kapoor Khan’s dress checks off a chart-topping trend. While she has an affinity for impactful long-length dresses at night and parties, her everyday looks come in joyful prints and practical silhouettes.

Her selection of dresses, best exemplifies her versatile style. Grabbing headlines with her expensive outfits or iconic designer suit looks, we bring to you 5 gorgeous pieces of apparel from the wardrobe of Kareena Kapoor Khan.


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Kareena Kapoor Khan looks as young as ever! In a vermillion strapless gown, she wears an exotic smile as she comes out of her shooting. The gown is layered and intricately frilled with multiple folds. The dress might have looked beautiful with spiral movements, thanks to its creative design. She paired her outfit with a layered chain neckpiece and let her natural beauty do the magic.


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Hands down, the most stunning summer outfit. Apparel from Dion Lee, Kareena Kapoor khan poses in a waist cut outfit, in a lemon-yellow tint – recapping summer vibes in our mind. The satin-soft material of the outfit and her slender figure blended almost as if perfect for each other. Bold eyes in kajal, the actress styled her mid hair in short waves and carried chic glasses to terminate the boss lady look. Oh, and some complimentary heels.

Remember ‘chaliya’? well, in her second picture in the series, she resembles the same look as of 13 years ago. Really, what is her secret? She looks fit as ever and never seems to age!


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This outfit can be the true definition of elegance. With colors like blue and orange sprinkled all over the apparel, the collar exquisitely gives it a western standpoint. Broad shoulder sleeves with stretched waist area give this attire an extra layer of classy. Posing for UNICEF India, Kareena Kapoor Khan is wearing apparel from Prabal Gurung. She completed her look with a pair of orange heels to match the contrast of its colors.


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Wearing a gorgeous outfit from Nupur Kanoi, the actor looks extremely stylish and chill. Bold makeup with a vibrant red lip shade, and a power pose with some classy black heels, Kareena Kapoor Khan is setting the bar pretty high for all actresses out there. Baggy fit with a drape-like structure, this piece is as comfy as amazing it looks. No doubt, her personality did justice to the ensemble.


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Adding another feather to her longlisted accomplishments, she ventured her talents into the television space – turning one of the judges for the dance India dance: battle of the champions reality show. Showing off her ensembles in the show might be a lot of our personal favorites! A beautiful orange slit dress, with one sleeve, and a cut-out independent sleeve on another. She tied her hair in a bun for grace and added some heels to terminate her look.  Nude makeup with simple fashion – this is Bebo’s sophistication!


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