Easy Hair Hacks For A Rainy Day That Are Really Debonair!

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By Sayeri Roy

Hairstyles are often a reflection of who you are. It can reflect your personality, give you a sense of security and confidence, or show off your fun side. Whether you have long hair or short hair – with the monsoon season in charge, you need to keep your hair well-groomed and maintained so as to not let the humidity take over.

Back with some new looks to help you get ready for the season, these hairstyles are perfect for those windy days, and it won’t make your hair frizzy. Pull your hair up, or down, or keep it wavy or straight – these looks will definitely help you manage your tresses with the utmost ease in this pouring weather.

Apply Gel

Apply some gel or moose in wet hair and wait for the texture to come into effect. Brush or comb your hair backward with a wide-bristled brush. Keep your hair put together and let it sit for about ten minutes. Enjoy the luscious look of your hair while adding a rainy vibe to your entire look. The hairstyle well adjusts with all kinds of apparel, just embrace the forecast outside and be confident. You’re good to go!

Hair hacks

Tie A Knot

Low buns are the easiest and probably the quickest to make. Just pull your hair down and keep turning them in a circular motion at the bottom of your head, the way you make a simple bun. Add bobby pins or a simple rubber band to hold your hair in position. While this hairstyle is very common for people with long hair, you can always style them up in a ballerina or make a bridal knot with it for a more pizzaz. Though bridal knots can look a lot difficult than what it seems like, it is extremely easy once you get the hang of it. For days when the downfall is uncertain, this hairstyle is lifesaving!

Hair hacks

Buns Are Always At Rescue!

Smooth out the back of your hair with a brush. Make sure to brush them clean as to not keep knots. Pull all the hair to the top and make a bun.  Wrap around a strand of hair around the elastic to jazz it up. It is very easy to maintain and can make you look confident in an instant. You can always leave out a few strands from the front for the extra. For a romantic day, curl them up for a rainy day style.

Hair hacks

Mantilla Hack

This is by far the easiest hairstyle you can opt for at any event. Nowadays, a lot of markets are based on bandanas and headwraps which provide amazing quality and amazing printed material. If the downfall proves to be too much and nothing seems worth more than a messy bun, then this is your hairstyle for the day. Wrap a scarf or a bandana over your head and tie a knot in its side for some added flair.

Hair hacks

Buns again! But lower

This is one of those hairstyles whose popularity is seemingly at an increased rate with passing days. Does not matter if your hair is short or long, pulling half your hair in a bun and the remaining loose, can be a very effective hairstyle to cut out the rainy-day blues.  Tie your hair up in a half bun and scrunch through your hair for easy strands which come out. Puff up your hair with your hands making them look voluminous. Add some spray at the end. Voila! Your hair-do is ready to face the day. Look cheerful and confident, and let your hair speak the magic.

Hair hacks

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