I have a good heart and I lead with love : Jennifer Aniston

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Jennifer Aniston rose to the top of the Twitter trending list on June 24th, when her recent interview with the People’s magazine blew up on the internet. Fans on Twitter and Instagram expressing their love and admiration for the Friends co-star whilst quoting her praiseworthy statements and admiring her vibrant persona, as she spoke to the reporters of the People’s Magazine.

Speaking to the reporter about humanity and spirituality, Aniston revealed that she is an avid practitioner of meditation herself. She added that she meditates every day, and for her, it could be sitting quietly or writing and that would be enough for her. She continues that any kind of yoga practice could be her meditation and agrees that even though there’s a lot out there to discourage us from believing in humanity, but she still does and has an inclination towards having faith in the bigger picture. 

The actress had admitted previously to be in therapy at some point in her life. Jen feels nothing but gratification towards it since it taught her to deal with life for the better part. She tells a reporter that she has really gotten a lot out of therapy, and believes that self-awareness is the key, and understands that being a public person, there are a lot of amazing things that come along with it. Alternatively, there is tough stuff too, she continues, and as we are only humans, we tend to walk around with bulls eyes on our heads.

She continues saying that sometimes family members or people can’t help send stuff over and say things like, ” What is this? are you having a baby? Or when are you getting married?” And sometimes they ask you when and how many years will it take to ignore silliness? She mentions that she would prefer to be remembered first and foremost as the one who made those around her laugh.  

Despite all the seriousness of life, the actress had pointed that she is never too busy for the sunset. Aniston says it’s her favorite moment and she wishes she could freeze time in that magic hour because there’s a lot of taking it all in, the appreciation of the day and what’s happening.

Even so when asked about her last moment of bliss, she again directed it towards sunset and said that it was very simple as there are no real markers for it, but just moments where you feel at peace.

Jennifer spoke about her life and how she would describe it right now, she made sure to mention her work, friends, and darling dogs. She added that she is in a very peaceful place since she has a job that she loves, surrounded by people that mean everything to her, and her beloved dogs.

“I’m just a very fortunate and blessed human being, I have a good heart, and I’m a great friend. I lead with love,” added Jennifer.

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