Five Reasons Why Dhruv Is The Ideal Partner For Every Girl

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Does the concept of a perfect partner or that of a perfect relationship really exist? Or is it the constant efforts of two imperfect individuals that conjures this fairytale? Contrary to the popular belief, one does not need grand gestures to be the perfect partner, a conglomerate of Little Things and efforts is more than enough. Dhruv does exactly that to be the ideal partner for Kavya and here are five instances that will make you go “Awwwww”.

Feeding the Biryani Monster – Thinking about the little joys of your partner even when you aren’t doing your best, is what love is about. Remember when Dhruv sent Biryani to Kavya’s office to cheer her up, even though he was worried about his job? If that’s not relationship goals, we don’t know what is!

In Sickness and in Health – The way Dhruv has taken care of Kavya each time she fell sick, is something that everyone craves. From making ‘khichdi’ to the comfiest of snuggles. Dhruv is someone everyone wants by their side.Dhruv little things Dhruv little things

Pithla Bhakri – A Partner who not only cooks for you but also puts in the effort to learn your favorite childhood dish, go shopping for it, and then make it to surprise you from your work trip? Dhruv learning to make ‘pithla bhakri’ for Kavya, so that she can have a scrumptious meal after she’s back from her work trip has to be one of the cutest moments in the show.

A day out with Kavya’s Mom – catering to your partner’s wishes is something that is expected of every partner, but taking your girlfriend’s mom to tour the city, taking her to meet her old friends, being her confidante and trying to make her happy. It just proves that Dhruv isn’t just a great boyfriend but also a really good human being.

You Before Me – One has to be truly in love to put one’s partner’s needs before their own, the way Dhruv has done for Kavya.  The time Dhruv refrained from telling Kavya that he gave up his job, because Kavya had just gotten promoted and he didn’t want to rain on her parade, is a moment that will melt even the strongest of hearts.

To live more such beautiful moments with this beautiful couple, watch Little Things only on Netflix!

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