Director is the captain of the ship and I follow that path : Raima Sen

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By Rituparna Sengupta basu

The Last Hour is Amazon Prime Video’s first supernatural thrill show that unfolds the murder mystery of a young girl. Directed by Amit Kumar, this show is definitely a head-turner for those who look for authentic television series. Starring Sanjay Kapoor, Raima Sen, Karma Takapa, and others this show is worth binge-watching. In one of the recent talks with Expresso Magazine, the casts of The Last Hour opened up about their shooting experience in the northeast.

So The Last Hour finally released how excited you were being a part of it.

Shelly- For me, it was an amazing experience. Since a few days, before the release of the show, I saw some shows and characters that fall under my age group. After watching it, I realized that my character is completely different. It is quite deep and intense and is definitely different from the others in the show. As per my expectations, people loved my character and there is nothing more to ask for.

Raima- Well, I was looking forward to work for such a massive OTT platform and I guess I got lucky. Moreover, this is my first show with Amazon. Also, how can I forget Amit Kumar as he is such a talented director and obviously my co-stars? The Last Hour has been released in almost 240 countries so definitely I was quite nervous, but fortunately, it worked outstandingly everywhere.

What made you accept the offer for The Last Hour?

Raima- When I met Amit Kumar, I immediately felt that he has a supreme aura that I instantly loved. Also, I watched one of his films ‘Monsoon Shootout’, which superb. He is a different person and is quite sensible. When he narrated the script to me, it seemed original to be and it seemed that he has some kind of vision. The concept is unique and is the first supernatural crime thriller show of Amazon. Moreover, the show highlights the Shamanic tradition, which many people still don’t know. So, viewers will definitely learn something new from the show and this is why I accepted the offer.

Any scenes that you want to choose from the show.

Shelly- I would anytime choose the opening scene, which is quite intense and close to my heart, as I had to audition for it. So, it is something that I will always carry with me.

Raima- I never look at the monitor while shooting but there is a scene with Sanjay, which is something that I love from the entire show.

What are your views regarding the existence of supernatural energies?

Shelly- Well, I do believe in supernatural energies and people are driven by some power. It won’t be completely wrong to say that supernatural power does not exist. When I was growing up, I had to spend time in refugee camps in Kashmir. So, over there I met an old lady who used to smoke to keep herself warm. After she died, when I used to walk past his camp, I often saw her sitting there. Maybe it was my imagination, but I am not sure if it was true or not. But it did scare me.shelly Shelley Raima Sen Raima Sen

Your impeccable work is worth praising so do you follow any process when choosing a project?

Raima- No, definitely I do not have any particular process when it comes to choosing a project. If a good director approaches me, I am ready to work, whether it is a small role or a big role. Moreover, as long as I feel that my character has an impact on the audience, I will definitely do it. For me, the director is the captain of the ship and I follow that path. Next, is the script, if the script moves me, I will no doubt work on that project. Finally, my role is important, and if I find my role is small, but it is interesting, I will accept it.

You have worked in films as well as OTT platforms so what kind of challenges did you face?

Raima- I would say that working on OTT platforms is much more challenging than the films. Unlike films, we have to invest much more hours in shooting. For example, in films, we do more or less two or three scenes a day. But, for a show, we have to take a minimum of ten to fifteen scenes. I remember I have worked around fifteen to sixteen hours continuously. So, the challenge comes in terms of effort and time. Besides, shooting for shows takes five to six months to complete a scene, which is not the case with films. It becomes important to remember every scene that has been shot and maintaining the character graph is vital. But, the good part of shooting for shows is, due to the huge time stretch, it becomes easy to be in the character for long.

Share with us your working experience with Sanjay Sir.

Shelly- I had most of my scenes with Sanjay sir, which is the best part for me about the show. In childhood, I used to tap my feet to his songs. I cannot express that feeling of acting with someone about whom I know things since childhood. Honestly, I was having a legit fan moment. He is definitely very sweet and friendly. As said in Bollywood that outsiders are not accepted, I do not agree with this since Sanjay sir gave me a friendly welcome to the sets. Altogether, it was a memorable experience working with him.

The best moment of The Last Hour.

Shelly- For me, it would be the time when we used to eat together after shooting for long hours. We had to shoot in extremely challenging weather. I remember Sanjay sir used to order food and cracked jokes while eating together.



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