Talisman: Luxury Cashmere For Everyday Grace and Glamour

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Janavi showcased Talisman’ at the first-ever phygital edition of Lotus Make-up India Fashion Week, Spring Summer ’21, luxury partner DLF Emporio/The Chanakya.

Talisman, as a collection, presents a distinct style statement for the bold. Each one of us has been through a lot in the past few months. Every cloud needs a silver lining – a ‘talisman;’ a personal totem; to give us comfort.

Janavi presents three distinct stories that weave together symbols for ushering in happier times, for the celebration of life.

The versatility of a Janavi shawl has allowed it to replace the statement evening jacket. Juxtapositions of unique embroideries upon intricate lacing offer unending versatility to dress up or dress down a look.(08)-24-09-20-Janavi Janavi (08)-24-09-20-Janavi (08)-24-09-20-Janavi

Evil Eye

A central aesthetic undercurrent for this collection is the universally recognized symbol of the Evil Eye. Shades of navy, cobalt,and electric blue have been layered against a canvas of pristine white and ivory. Spirited optimism is captured in shades of blue and white that are symbolic of the Great Expanse – manifesting as the sky above our heads, and the sea that caresses our feet – both primordial sources of life itself.

Janavi India x Kiera Chaplin: 

The collaborative collection captures the glamour and extravagance of 1920s Art Deco designs. Defined by expert embroidery and enchanting embellishments, it is inspired by the beloved stars of the era and the compositions are layered with whimsical motifs, sumptuous colours, glittering beads, and quirky feathers. They capture the decadence and feistiness of, in Kiera’s words, “the Golden Age of Hollywood.”

Spectaculars by Janavi:

A ‘quintessentially Janavi’ collection, it flaunts maximalist talisman motifs and dazzling embellishments. A conversation-starter, the pieces make a statement of confident and exuberant style. The curation includes:(08)-24-09-20-Janavi

Butterfly: for patience, and for the promised metamorphosis of flight.

Bee:for harmony with nature, productivity, and playfulness.

Dragon: for the magic that awaits those courageous enough to explore the blurring boundaries between reality and tales of legend.

Rose: for remembering that sweetness and compassion melt the hardest of hearts.

Dove: for new, peaceful beginnings, gentility, and devotion.

Bow: is for gratitude, for that flourishing finish on delightful tokens that make us, and our loved ones smile.

Janavi has long established its reputation as the pioneer of cashmere lace sarees. These have been used in ensemble styling for this presentation, paired with shawls from the Spectaculars range.

 Craft Excellence

The artisans who have worked on this collection have passionately embraced its intriguing storyline – but they’ve been given the creative space and freedom for some free-interpretation as well. Additionally, the use of repurposed fabric adds fresh dimensions to both, the final piece, and the fabric at the heart of it.


Neutral hues of vintage nude and taupe, sophisticated white, and hypnotic black allow the shawls to transcend typical season-specific definitions of style; while jewel tones of red, green and blue exude passion and boldness to suit different moods.

Personalize Your Janavi :

Every shawl can be personalized with the wearer’s initials – the simplest way of expressing individualism in luxury; but through this particular collection, one is prompted to remember that perhaps one’s own initials are the ultimate talisman!


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