Expiry Date Review : Spine-Chilling Thriller Filled With Love, Crime, Distrust, And Vengeance

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Cast: Tony Luke, Sneha Ullal, Madhu Shalini, Ali Reza 

Director: Shankar Marthand

Rating- 4.5/5

Review: A story where anniversary goes wrong and love changes into a path of hatred and murder. Expiry Date is a spine-chilling web series, which would keep you glued to your sofa. The sudden twists and turns in the series and the plot would not let you miss an inch of the series.

Have a fetish for gripping plotlines and spine-chilling thrillers that do not let you leave your sofa seat, then Expiry Date can be the perfect choice to set this weekend ready. It comes with new twists and turns that would make it a worth watching show. This latest release from the house of ZEE5 is creating hype on the OTT platform. Every episode unfolds something new twists and turns of love, trust, and vengeance.

The story unfolds with a young couple head over heels in love with each other. Suddenly, their marriage runs out of love, causing death and mystery. Later on, this conflict turned out to be an exciting cat and mouse game. The main character in the series includes Vishwa (Tony Luke), Disha (Madhu Shalini), Sunny (Ali Reza), Sunitha (Sneha Ullal), and others.

Vishwa (Tony Luke) loves his wife Disha (Madhu Shalini) deeply; however, in the end, he kills her since he finds her cheating on him with Sunny (Ali Reza), her gym instructor. Vishwa shams ignorance on the entire matter and to files a missing report for finding Disha so that the copes do not doubt on him. Meanwhile, he carefully disposes of Disha’s body to escape from the doubts of the cop.

However, apparently, the case might seem easy, but it is not. As the series progresses, the entire case takes many twists and turns. Every time you think that you got the plot of the series, you would be surprised with new twists. Vishwa comes to know about the death of Sunny on the same day he killed Disha. Sunitha claims that she is ignorant of his husband. Later on, both of them shakes hand to fool the cops that Sunny and Disha ran away and are missing.

Meanwhile, they came to know that, apart from them, there is a third person who knows everything about their dirty secrets and is after them for revenge. From here, the real plots and twist begin. The series would no doubt fascinate you right from the beginning. The reason behind it becomes interesting is as soon as you realize that you got the plot, things would suddenly take a new turn. The first episode begins with a young man running to save his life in some deserted spot. Soon he would collapse on the ground, pleading for life. After that, he hears a gunshot.

Now the man who runs in the first episode is no one but Vishwa. You would then be taken back to space where gradually every twist unfolds. However, every moment you would feel that whether Vishwa would come out alive. Vishwa involves in a heated mess, which becomes tough for him to come out. It makes his life quite miserable.

The characters in the Expiry Date performs outstandingly well. Every single character has a different quality, which makes the series more interesting. The last episode of the series is filled with surprises that would come for the audiences in different ways. The brilliant performance of the characters does support the plot and twists. Vishwa, played by Tony Luke, is no doubt refulgent; similarly, Sunitha, acted by Sneha Ullal equally, makes a strong presence. Her character would no doubt convince you as a simple girl and a victim of cheating by her womanizer husband. She faces the consequences of being with such a person.

However, the main gameplay that makes the entire series interesting is the gameplay, which Madhu Shalini played. She plays the role of a wealthy girl who plans for a merciless crime and finally becomes a victim of her trap. Before she realizes, unknowingly she becomes the prey of her husband’s murder plan.

Overall, Expiry Date is not just an entire series that unfolds chill spinning and exciting thrill as well as a murder mystery. It is also a dark way, which goes deep on how love, at first sight, can create a way to mistrust and cheating. ZEE5 did a mind-blowing curtain-raiser on the release day. Social media handles are flooded with amazing reviews and named the show as ‘Till death do us part.’

Your weekends can get better and full of thrill and excitement, and you can enjoy every bit of Expiry Date without feeling bored. Overall, if you need a real thrilling show, then this show can be just the right option for you. The series has been carefully composed by including some deep focus shots, perfect shadows, as well as sinister background music that no doubt keeps the mystery alive.

Expiry Date would remain as a marvelous masterpiece by Shankar K Marthand, the director of the series. Some of his memorable hits include Manasantha Nuvve and Evaraina Eppudaina. Therefore, Expiry Date can no doubt be your perfect binge-watching show to make the most out of this long weekend.

By Nabanita Dutta


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