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Amazon  Prime Video’s much-awaited musical drama Bandish Bandits finally released today. The ten-part series is all about Radhe and Tamanna who are united by music but torn by legacy. The tale comes into the conflict between the passionately separate worlds of Hindustani classical music and the pop culture. There is the generations gap, a scuffle between two love birds, the emotional strain between morality and recognition or popularity.

Actor Rahul Kumar, well known for the character of Millimetre from 3 Idiots, portrayed a childhood friend of Radhe in Bandish Bandits. Over time, Rahul has done a lot of films, Tv shows and commercial too.  In a quick chat with Expresso Magazine, He shares about the shooting experience, how he signed for this kind of originals, about this dream role and a lot other.Rahul Kumar

Expresso: How are you spending your quarantine time?

Rahul: Currently, I am in Uttarakhand, Almora, which is my hometown. I am staying amidst the hills, enjoying the breathtaking views, and spending my quarantine time. Before that, I was in Delhi staying with my parents. I shifted here a couple of months back.

Expresso: Anything new that you have learned during this time?

Rahul: The one thing that I have learned during this quarantine period is respect for nature. Uttarakhand has greenery all around, and this is something I feel we should all try to protect and preserve. Plenty of water resources are available here, and I have learned to respect it as well. Another thing that I have started doing is contributing to one of the local temples present near my house. I feel that this is one of the purest and the best things that I am doing these days.

Expresso: ‘Bandish Bandits’ has released today, so how are you feeling?

Rahul: I am quite excited about the release, and hopefully, the audience will like it since the storyline is quite different. Since the movie is all about a musical journey so there is something unique for them. Till now, I have received many messages and best wishes from people regarding the release. Also, the entertainment industry has loved the trailer and gave it a lot of love. I am keeping my fingers crossed.

Expresso: Tell us something about your character in this series?

Rahul: My character is Kabir, who is a very good childhood friend of Radhe and will always be. Kabir feels that his life is a little bit complicated, and is bounded with family rules and responsibilities. It made things difficult for Radhe, and due to all these reasons, it is difficult for Radhe to enjoy his life.

Kabir, on the other hand, is quite different from him and loves living his life on terms. So, he advises Radhe to break free from all these rules and responsibilities and try to live for himself. Try listening to rock music, tease girls, try to live your life like other teenagers.

Kabir feels that breaking free from the family binds are important, and staying sad and depressed is not the solution. Also, Kabir is more of a ‘jugadu Jodhpurian guy’, and whenever Radhe gets in trouble he calls Kabir to get him out of the trouble. Kabir is a saviour of Radhe, and both of them share a good relationship.

Expresso: Why did you accept the offer for ‘Bandish Bandits’?

Rahul: I already talked with Anand Tiwari who is an amazing director and a fantastic mentor. He is more like my elder brother, and I was being asked for giving an audition for the series. I agreed to that, and after that, he instantly approved for the series. So, both of us equally worked for Bandish Bandits. Also, I feel that my character did a great job for success. So, all in all, I was quite impressed with the story as well as the background of my character, and this made me say yes, to Bandish Bandits.

Expresso: Few things about Jodhpur that you will miss?

Rahul: I still miss the tasty and crispy Mirchi Pakoda a lot. While we were on our way back to the hotel after the shoot, we used to halt on the roadside small shops to have Mirchi Pakodas. Believe me, those were one of the best things that I had tasted in Jodhpur. It used to make me extremely happy.

Expresso: Any funny memories during the shoot that you still cherish?

Rahul: Honestly, there are thousands of fun memories, and it is difficult for me to pick one. We used to have a lot of fun inside the van, especially when Ritwik practised for his songs. Akshat also took part in that so me, Akshat, Tarun used to have loads of enjoyment on sets. So, the other people used to mock me, and I was like “It is a musical show and I have to practice”. Another one would be, when we were there, after the shoot we use to go around the popular places in Jodhpur, explored many beautiful locations. Also, the local people there are very warm and friendly. We had many shooting memories that I had enjoyed back during then. Plenty of fun memories are there, which I still cherish.

Expresso: Do you relate yourself to the character?

Rahul: Actually, I can relate myself a little bit, but not completely. The character which Ritwik has played in the series is more like Kabir, and hats off to Ritwik that he played the character so skillfully. In reality, I used to be quiet on sets whereas, he was the one who used to tease others, had fun with everyone, and he is a very jolly guy. So, the real-life and the reel life both were quite contradictory for both of us.Rahul Kumar

Expresso: Your role in ‘3-Idiots’ was so memorable, so what are the changes you have gone through after that?

Rahul: A lot of changes I have seen within me since it has almost been eleven years. Now, I am 25, but when I was 19, I already had shifted to Mumbai. I feel that Mumbai teaches of things at a very young age, and due to this reason, people become quite mature at an early age. So, you soon learn to live your life on your own. I have learned both good as well as bad things. But, all in all, it is quite fun since you get to experience a lot of new things. I feel that experiencing situations is very important in life otherwise; you will not be able to learn new things.

Expresso: What is the biggest risk that you have taken?

Rahul: Once I was shooting for a film where I had to jump from a pool, and there were no emergency services or harnessed available too. It was so scary that even a little bit of carelessness would have costed my life. I still remember I called my dad before the shoot just to talk so that I can feel relaxed.

Expresso: Tell us something about your dream role.

Rahul: As of now, I do not have any dream role, but yes, I am looking forward to working with Imtiaz Ali. His films are extremely fascinating, and I find np doubt interesting. I am also looking forward to working with Vishal sir. Previously, I had worked with him in The Blue Umbrella, which was my first movie, and then Omkara. So, I share a great bond with him, and I am still in touch with him.

Expresso: What would be your message to the audience regarding ‘Bandish Bandits’?

Rahul: I would request the audience to watch Bandish Bandits and show it some love since we have done hard work for it. Since it has got a new theme altogether and people who are interested in music will certainly enjoy the series a lot.




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