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Zee5, the largest video streaming platform recently released the most awaited show ‘The Casino’-My games, My rules!’ It stars Karanvir Bohra, Sudhanshu Pandey, Mandana Karimi, Aindrita Ray, Dhanveer Singh and Aarti Khetarpal in pivotal roles. Television’s heartthrob Karanvir Bohra makes his digital debut through this web shows. Karanvir, enjoyed fully the current lockdown with his twin daughters and wife. In a candid conversation with us Karanvir shares why the character of Vicky which he has portrayed in this show is close to his heart.

Expresso: The Casino is your first ever digital debut so how are you feeling?

Karanvir: I am extremely excited about my first digital debut with “The Casino”. Since I am new to the web platform so undoubtedly I am pretty excited.karanvir_bohra

Expresso: What made you accept the offer for The Casino?

Karanvir: The character that I am playing in “The Casino” is a very simple and everyday guy kind of. He is just like other normal guys. He is not like Riyana who is playing a larger than life character, which is high on life, manipulative. The character has been written with love. Marvas, the family from which I belong is a very larger than life character, and apart from that Ram, and the policemen everyone plays an exciting as well as a strong character.

But, when it comes to my character, people will feel like how can such simple boy gets involved in such evil things, how can he fall in love with a wrong woman. Everybody will warn him to stay away from such a woman, but he could not keep away from her. Also, I could find myself in Vicky and then I saw my character growing. I saw how this reluctant heir of the casino becomes so powerful and vengeful. So, all in all, I can say that Vicky is start to end a character which compelled me to accept the offer.

Expresso: How easily can you relate yourself with the character Vicky?

Karanvir: Absolutely, I can relate myself to the character in many ways.

Expresso: Any particular scene that you love from the series?

Karanvir: I love the climax scene of the series when I make a comeback as a hero. You see throughout the entire series I did not get the role of showing heroism. I always use to become a victim of deadly traps and people were there to help me so that I can get out of them. Finally, when the series reaches the climax, you will be able to notice how heroically I make a comeback. Also, you will get to see many actions and stunts in the series as well.karanvir_bohra

Expresso: According to you what is the best shooting moment of The Casino?

Karanvir: Every day of shooting was interesting and exciting. As the series has been shot in Nepal, so we had to travel over there, and as soon as we reached, we had to face the fear of Coronavirus so we had to quickly finish with the shoot. After that we returned to Mumbai, we came to know that it now can affect India as well. So, as the days were coming near we all became quite terrified. We had to finish our shooting quickly. The span of forty days was filled with thrill and challenge, and we finally became successful in completing the shoot. So, all in all, the entire shooting period is memorable for me.

Expresso: How was your experience working with Mandana?

Karanvir: I had a great experience working with Mandana since I have seen her working very hard for the series. Hindi is not her strength, but despite that, the effort, which she put in was mind-blowing. She has this natural bitchy queen look, which undoubtedly made her the best suit for the role in the series.

Expresso: Share with us some experiences when shooting in Nepal.

Karanvir: I am completely in love with Nepal and the place where we were staying was amazing. Even I didn’t feel like coming back from there. We visited some of the popular attractions there such as Jyotirling, then we saw the Buddha Eyes, and visited Birgunj, which is a beautiful city, and other famous places in Nepal for shooting. I am completely in love with Nepal.

Expresso: Mention one thing from Nepal that you are going to miss after coming back

Karanvir: The hotel in which we were staying was beautiful and amazing. They showed mind-blowing hospitality and treated us like a family. They took great care, and this is something that I am going to miss a lot.

Expresso: Name three things that nobody knows about you

Karanvir: Well, that’s a tricky one. Let’s see; number one is that I love playing WWE.

Then number two is that I can cut my hair quite well

Last but not the least, number three is that I am a great cook as well.

I have tried preparing so many dishes during the lockdown.

Expresso: Anything special that you have recently discovered about yourself?

Karanvir: I have discovered that if I can get a chance, then I can cook some delicious dishes, and this lockdown gave me the opportunity to prepare them.

Expresso: You have played an end number of characters so which one is your favourite?

Karanvir: How can you ask a mother to choose between her sons? I cannot particularly choose any one character that I have played till now. All of them are my favourite and choosing one amongst them is quite difficult for me.

Expresso: What is your dream role?

Karanvir: I do not have any kind of dream role. When I choose any role to play, it takes a lot of time for me to accept it. Once I accept to play it, then I am certainly in love with the role.

Expresso: Before and after Big Boss- How things were and how it changed after the show?

Karanvir: Before Big Boss, I was popular among the audience as just an actor who plays negative roles, who has an immense attitude. But, after Big Boss, people got to know me differently. They have now understood that I am very loving and compassionate, and I can play many positive roles as well. Previously people knew that I can only play negative roles, but now they have understood that I have two different sides.

Expresso: What can compel the audience to watch The Casino?

Karanvir: All said and done, The Casino looks amazing, it is stylish, larger than life, and is nothing less than a commercial film. You will get songs, actions, thrills, twists and turns, and almost everything that you can expect from a spicy commercial film. If you ask me, then I would say that it is a spicy web show, and the audience will certainly get entertained.



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