Lockdown Has Taught Me That Even With Simple Things Life Can Be Lead Easily: Vinay Pathak

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Much-awaited feature film Chintu Ka Birthday recently released on ZEE 5.
Vinay Pathak portrays Madan Tiwary, a father of a little cute son Chintu. He celebrated Chintu’s birthday in the middle of the turmoil situation in Baghdad the year of 2004. The actor welcomes the role with open arms. He is an optimist whose one and only mission is to fulfil a promise that he gave to his child for his birthday. In a quick chat with Expresso Magazine Vinay Pathak shares about the shooting experience, how he signed for this kind of film, working with director duo and a lot other.

Expresso: What could be the reason you signed for the movie?

Vinay Pathak:  After getting the offer when I read the script I found that it is a well written and beautifully crafted script. I was very happy to get an offer for such an amazing film. While I was reading the script I understood that it has been worked upon for a long time and was exactly like that in the film and nothing different. The story of the film has been written with lots of love and I guess this is the only reason I said yes to this film.

Expresso: What is the best memory of shooting ‘Chintu Ka Birthday’?

Vinay Pathak: I had a great time while shooting for ‘Chintu ka Birthday’ and if you ask me about my best memory while shooting would be our lunch break. Three of us were from Mumbai, Tillotama Shome, Seema Bhargava, and me. Then there were two kids from Kashmir and one actress from Palestine and two actors from America, one from New York and one from Los Angeles playing the role of soldiers. So, during our lunch break, we used to sit together and taste different kinds of food every day.

It was kind of a picnic for us which we really enjoyed. Sometimes, Tillotama used to bring food, at times Chimaji, and sometimes me. All of us had the opportunity to taste Bengali food, and sometimes Bihari food. It was really very fun-filled moment of the day.

Apart from that, my co-stars used to bring sweets that we all had after lunch, which was yet another most exciting thing that I got to experience while shooting.

Expresso: How was your experience working with the director duo Satyanshu and Devanshu?

Vinay Pathak: Oh! It was a great experience; they are a fantastic duo. You could hardly make that this was their first feature film, and they were directing it for the first time. They were well prepared, completely ready for the shooting. I was very much open to this film even though I was a bit skeptical about it, but later on, when I saw their confidence everything seemed quite prepared.

Expresso:  What is your favourite scene in the movie?

Vinay Pathak: Well! Every actor in the film has their favourite scene from the movie. For me, the Bomb Blast scene is the favourite one. You know we had to perform in sync for the scene like shouting together, falling on the ground together, etc. So, yes, that’s my favourite scene and ha it’s favourite of Chintu as well.

Expresso: Do you relate yourself to the character?

Vinay Pathak: Oh! Certainly, I can relate to my character in the movie. Not only mine but the other characters in the movie would seem as if real people facing real issues and that’s the beauty of the story, which makes the movie a must-watch.

Expresso: What is the new thing that you have learned during the lockdown?

Vinay Pathak: Well, I have learned that life is very simple. We all chase so many things every day just for the sake of living and to make our lives better. But, the lockdown has taught me that even with simple things life can be lead easily.

Expresso: You have played many characters and among them which one is your favourite?

Vinay Pathak: As of now, it is going to be the character that I have played in ‘Chintu ka Birthday’.

Expresso: What are the three things for which the audience should watch ‘Chintu ka Birthday’?

Vinay Pathak:  The movie has a beautiful story, it is very entertaining, and the movie will certainly give some kind of hope in your life.



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