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Aritra Sen’s, most awaited bilingual series Kaali 2 was recently released on Zee5. The first season of the crime thriller “Kaali” received a huge response, nail-biting and the exciting ending left the audience in suspense so that they do not miss the next, the second season of Kaali that takes the story forward. This series highlights how a mother and a woman can turn into Kaali to protect her son’s life and win against the toughest and strong contender in front of her. Paoli Dam gains more and more respect with her fierce full acting and even more astonishing expression. In a quick chat with Expresso Magazine Paoli shares about her working experience, the best moment of shooting and so many other exciting things.

Expresso: Women are mostly compared with goddess Durga and Laxmi, and in this series, you have been compared with Kaali. So how do you feel?

Paoli Dam: I feel that every woman has a different side altogether and these different sides remain hidden in them. They have the capability of transforming into either Kaali or Durga when necessary. I have played the character Kaali, which is the symbol of power and Shakti. The series celebrates the power of women, motherhood, womanhood, and feminity. Every woman has a Kaali hidden in her and when required she shows her powerful side. The story revolves around an extraordinary journey of an ordinary woman. It about a woman who has to suffer a lot due to the wrong steps she took in the past. These kinds of characters are quite relatable and due to this reason, I fell in love with the character Kaali. We all respect power and through this show, the power of motherhood has been highlighted. So, all in all, everything just made the series perfect.

Expresso: What is the sole reason you said yes to it?

Paoli Dam: While Parambrata Chatterjee who is the producer of the series and I were shooting for a film, he told me about the series and the story, and I instantly loved it. For quite some time, I was seeing various projects like this on different web platforms.

I always had a weakness for these kinds of series, and use to play in mind that if I get a chance to work in a crime thriller series, then how would I portray my characters since I never have become a part of these. OTT platform has many crime thriller series and I am already in love with them. Also, I always wanted to work on such crime thrillers due to action. You will notice, that in India no matter what crime thrillers it is women do not get the chance of performing action stunts unlike Kill Bill, Tomb Raider, and Charlie’s Angels. Kaali has two different sides, one is the crime thriller, which highlights the cat and mouse chase. Whereas, on the other hand, there is a human story as well.

The director, as well as the producer, showed quite a lot of involvement and seriousness to make the series which I loved extremely. I felt a strong connection with the story since this is a woman eccentric and these are the reasons that made me said yes to the series. Also, I love the storyline since I got to play so many things.

Expresso:  We have seen you in a whole new look in Kaali’s poster so please tell us something about it.

Paoli Dam: The name Kaali has been metaphorically used for the series to symbolize that she stands for power. We all have seen goddess Kali after she fights with a storm, as been shown in the series. In season one, you have seen that it is a twenty-four hours’ story where the characters were introduced, the background of the characters, etc. Also, it revolved around Kaali, her problems, the wrong decisions, which she took, and is suffering in the present, she is a masseur, etc. But, then starts the cat and mouse chase where she has limited time to save her son and this is the time when she turns out to be fearless.Paoli Dam

She did not like the dark world and its work with which his husband was involved. Kaali always wanted to be honest, but she realized that with honesty she would lose her son. Then she turned the tables and decides to destroy the people who wanted to snatch her son away. There is a place where she saves a girl from being sexually abused. So, the poster has been kept like an idol of goddess Kaali with some changes. The impression of the poster has the ability to shake the male dominating society.

Expresso:  What new things have been included in season 2 for the viewers?

Paoli Dam: A lot of new things have been included in the new season. The story has become huge and is not limited to Calcutta. Season one was only made in Bengali, but season two has been essentially made in Hindi along with Bengali as well. The story is also not limited to the geography of Bengal. In this season, the canvas became big as well. Season one was all about her husband, her son, and what things she has done for others. In the second season, she takes an extremely bold decision as she thinks about herself, decides about what she wants to do. Season one was more about her external side and the second season is all about the internal side. So, the viewers will find a lot of new things about Kaali in this season.

Expresso:  How did you groom yourself for the character?

Paoli Dam: As I said, this is an extraordinary journey of an ordinary person. We all have seen characters like Kaali around us, and if you look at the character she is like every other woman who is beautiful, attractive, but a simple lady. So, I have seen many characters like her around me. Also, there are two different sides of Kaali where viewers will see the fearless, strong, independent women’s side. Many strong independent women we see around us sacrifices her everything for upbringing her child.kaali2

So, I use to observe such characters and wanted to grow it very naturally. My mother is the strongest person and the Kaali Shakti of my life. The other side of Kaali is mother Kaali. Another observation that I have put in is how a mother loves her child into this character. Only can mother can love her child selflessly. I felt that this kind of character can be played by anyone and that is what I loved about the series. As I mentioned earlier, Kaali’s character is quite relatable, and not only women but men will also be moved by this.

Expresso:  If you had to choose any scene from the series, then which one would you choose?

Paoli Dam: This is quite difficult since every scene in the series is my favourite. Many action sequences, as well as the emotional sequences, are there in this season. A scene is there with Aniket, which is an emotional confrontation. I cannot say more about the scenes since I do not want to break the suspense for the viewers. But, all in all, there are many scenes and I cannot talk about any particular scene as a whole. Every scene is my absolute favourite.

Expresso:  What is the best moment for you when shooting for Kaali?

Paoli Dam: Every moment is best since Kaali is my first web series and I cannot particularize any scenes, and I am new to this world so every scene was special. So, I would say that since it is a completely new world for me so the entire concept and every moment of the series have become my favourite already.

Expresso:  This is the first time you are working in a web series so how different it is from films?

Paoli Dam: As an actor, I did not find any such difference since I had to do similar things for this web series just like in films. But, I would say that shooting for a web series is far more tedious since there are eight episodes altogether and so shooting for every single episode sometimes become too tiresome. Otherwise, there is no such difference.

Expresso:  What would be your message for the audience regarding this series?

Paoli Dam: I would say that this is a tough time for everyone. There are many uncertainties and we all are looking forward to that sunshine when we can get back to our normal life. Till then, it is best to hold ourselves back inside houses. My heartiest prayer is with them who are fighting in this situation now and then. This series is a humble gesture from the entire team of Kaali so that people can enjoy something interesting in this dull; and boring life in which we are right now.



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