My Character Is Compassionate And Perseverant To Fight Against The Odds : Paoli Dam

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The theme of female empowerment goes beyond the story itself, leaving the audience longing for women-centric stories that are both inspiring and well-crafted. This year looks promising, ZEE5’s most awaited bilingual series Kaali 2 is all set to stream on the platform from 29th May 2020.

Kaali 2 is a nail-biting crime thriller and this time, with something completely different the story revolves around a helpless mother struggling hard to save her son who has only a few hours’ oxygens left in his cylinder. She is caught in interrogation and is in the police custody. Luck favours her but that is not long-lived. Though she manages to escape, her path is beset within numerous difficulties before she can help her son. On the other hand, a dangerous criminal escapes from prison. A drug consignment reaches the city. The lonely woman is caught amidst the gang war and reaches out to her only place of hope.

Baffled by betrayals and innocent deaths, the mother now turns to a fierce woman who mends her way to learn the skills of survival in this battle. Talk about the power and we have it in women!

The makers want to evidently highlight how a mother and a woman can turn into Kaali defeating even the toughest of the contender in front when it comes to her life or someone of her own. It doesn’t matter who is in front of her, she is sure to defeat him when someone tries to crush her or snatch something that’s hers. Even if she is a timid one or someone you haven’t seen speak much, if a thunder comes to destroy anything that’s hers, she is sure to change the direction of her thunder as well.

“I have the utmost respect for every woman in the country who is trying to fight for their truth. I believe Kaali is a symbol of hope and power. My character is compassionate and perseverant to fight against the odds to save her son. A mother’s love is second to none and Kaali gets her strength from it. I am inspired by my mother every day, she is the strongest person in my life, she is my Kaali, the shakti of my life. ‘Kaali 2’ releases on ZEE5 on this Friday, 29th May and I urge every woman in the country to join Kaali in her fight of truth and lets together unleash the Kaali within ourselves”, express Paoli Dam of Kaali 2.

The show highlights the journey of Kaali, her namesake from an extremely timid woman to a powerful Goddess. The lead role will be played by Paoli Dam as Kaali, Rahul Banerjee, Chandan Roy Sanyal, Abhishek Banerjee and Vidya Malvade will be seen in other important roles.

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