Rejection Is A Part of life : Goldie Behl

Goldie Behl

The second season of REJCTX recently released in zee5. The director of the show Goldie Behl, had revealed that he always wanted to create some unique young-adult fiction show. Behl always credited his son Ranveer who helping him with the idea of a new- age tale for the show. In an quick chat with Expresso Magazine Goldie Behl shares about his idea of making REJCTX, best memory of shooting and so many other things.

Expresso: How is your reaction to finally releasing REJCTX2?

Goldie: I am feeling quite relieved about the fact that the series successfully got released during this lockdown period. Things were quite difficult, but still, I and my team gave all the efforts so that the show can be released easily. I am quite happy that we could make it actually.

Expresso: How difficult it was for you and your team to promote the series virtually?

Goldie: I feel that eventually, things are becoming virtual, and apart from that, it is a digital show. Now, I feel that virtual publicity is not that bad as well. After all, we all want that time should change and I feel that if I get a chance I would continue doing virtual publicity in the future as well. Since it is a virtual show, so the audience is virtual as well. Also, we do not have to travel to different places. The only thing, which did not happen was outdoor publicity as we could not put up hoardings due to lockdown. But, people these days are quite active on digital platforms, and they will eventually get to know from it I am sure. goldie-behl

Expresso: The name of the series is REJCTX2. What is the reason behind choosing this name for the show? 

Goldie: The show is mainly on youngsters of today’s generation, and I feel that we all have suffered from different kinds of rejections. Therefore, the stories that have been shown in the series are based on such rejections. When we made season one, we kept the name REJCTX, but then people started asking the reason behind including X. So, I included a character X in the show who were after the youngsters to destroy their life so that things seem relatable.

Expresso: How did the idea REJCTX2 came to your mind?

Goldie: I use to spend time with my fourteen years old son as well as my nephew who is seventeen. I use to listen to them and what they are facing during this age. You must have noticed that different stories of youngsters are there in our country, but they do not get much attention. So, I wanted to make a show on something like that.

Expresso: Esha Gupta plays a pivotal role in the series so was she always your first choice for the show?

Goldie: Yes, she was always my first and only choice. Since the personality, she has as well as her look matches exactly with the character she has played. I wanted to include a female cop who will not only look attractive and powerful but also threatening as well.

Expresso: What is your best memory while shooting the series?

Goldie:  We all had to face a lot of difficulties when shooting. The shooting began and ended between this pandemic, and we were in Thailand. After the lockdown started we heard that no international flights were allowed in India, and we were left with four days’ work. So, we had to go through a non-stop shoot without any break and then finish with the post-production. I feel that this is one of the best memories I have.

Expresso: How much time did it take to shoot?

Goldie: It almost took thirty to thirty-five days to complete the entire shooting.

Expresso: Related to the title of the show did you face any rejections?

Goldie: We all have faced different rejections in life. I have faced rejections in love, then in the past, many of my films were being rejected by the audience, and I feel that it is a part of life.

Expresso: What brings a smile on your face?

Goldie: Undoubtedly my family.

Expresso: Any show that you have binge-watched recently?

Goldie: Of course, it is REJCTX.

Expresso: Three things which people do not know about you?

Goldie: Many things are there, which people do not know about me such as I have fear of heights, I am scared of birds, and I enjoy playing with kids.

Expresso: You have recently changed your genre so is there any difference between film genre and web genre?

Goldie: The world of web genre is quite new to me since I do not know many people from here. I have been a part of the film world for a long time. But, this is a whole new world for me and I quite liked it.

Expresso: While making a web series what are the different aspects that need to be focused on?

Goldie:  A lot of things are there, which needs to be focused on. First comes the writing, there is a writer’s room when it comes to the web world and I had to sit with my other co-writers. We all use to sit and discuss the writings, and then comes the budget since this also plays a significant role.

Expresso: What is the first thing that you will be doing as soon as the lockdown ends?

Goldie: I would take my family to a good place for an eat out I guess once the lockdown gets over.





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