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After watching Season 1 of ‘Rahasya Romancha Series’, the expectation of people are quite high about its Season 2. But among the three stories from the Season 1, they all loved the story of Jhantu motors the most.

And this is not just any average thriller Bengali stories, it has something new that kept audiences in awe of surprises. Rudranil Ghosh who played the character of Jhantu Da, is praised by all, he did something special and gave a unique touch to this character.

In a special chat with Expresso, he shares about the stories, his character, his grooming about this character and many more.

Expresso: Your character is quite different in season 2 of ‘Rahasya Romancha Series’, please tell us something about that.

Rudranil: Well, the involvement of people in season 1 of ‘Rahasya Romancha’ and the reaction of the audience on the stories was overwhelming.

All the three stories Abhirup picked; depicted alternatively about the crime, which was unique. But, among them, people loved my story which was on Jhantu Motors.Rahasya-Romancha-Series-2

The reason behind this is because they could easily relate to the story. But, one of the most striking things that had made my story popular is Jhantu Motors has a story of its own that has been related to crime.

After that Hoichoi decided and we talked to Abhirup regarding the series and then he accordingly started working on the story. You might have noticed that even if people like the plot of season 1, might not work in season 2 as in the case of Sacred Games.

But, in the case of ‘Rahasya Romancha Series’ things worked differently since people loved everything, and it became a popular web series as well. I had to make myself clear that the person who efficiently run the organization has to keep himself cool and calm as well.

So, I prepared myself by watching other similar characters and wanted to know everything about that.

Another most important fact is adding a background of any character, which is very important for giving depth to any character. Apart from that, I also gave my input, and Abhirup as a director without any directorial ego accepted those inputs and brushed them up. And maybe that’s why my character as “Jhantu da” became so popular.

Expresso: How did you get the offer for the ‘Rahasya Romancha Series’?

Rudranil: Abhirup has a knack of working with real actors like me, Rajatabha Dutta, Kharaj Mukherjee, and other prominent actors. When he was new in this industry, he made a film ‘Ke’.

Abhirup knew Ankit who used to edit the videos and he has a huge dedication towards his work. Now Ankit was in touch with me and that’s how we met and he shared his story of “Ke”.

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When he was working on ‘Ke’ he contacted me as well as Rajatabha Dutta. His taste is quite different and I liked it the most. You know, its the industry at the end of the day that would be benefited from these works. I mean I have always tried to listen to new stories and give them scope.Rahasya-Romancha-Series-2

Expresso: Can you relate yourself to the character of Jhantu Biswas?

Rudranil: Definitely, I would say that I could relate myself to the character since you might have seen that the way we behave inside the house is quite different when we are at the office or with our friends.

May be due to this reason, viewers could relate themselves to the character of Jhantu Da as well.

I believe that we all have two different personalities. We all in some way lie and if this keeps on happening then someday it might kill someone. Jhantu is something like that and if we look closely we all behave differently when we stay at the house and when we are outside.  

Expresso: What is the biggest thrill in season 2?

Rudranil: I believe that it is undoubtedly a crime that has a Bengali touch. People have loved this concept because previously, the crime stories that were highlighted mostly were inspired by Hollywood or crime stories in a Mumbai style. But, I would say that Abhirup has done great work over here.

Bengali people are famous for having great intellectuality compared to others. If I talk about Byomkesh, you might have heard about other detectives, but the intellect, which he has is something outstanding and is rare. When working as Jhantu I somewhere tried to relate.

Expresso: How did you groom yourself for this extraordinary Bengali criminal character?

Rudranil: I would say that it is memory walks. Normal people usually watch others, but as actors, we record everything and read them. We have the capability of the man watching. Apart from that, since media has become strong, we try to know about other similar characters and relate to them so that the viewers can easily understand.

Also, since I am not a family person, I had to take help from my friends regarding how they behave at home as well as outside. So, in this way, I had to groom myself.

Expresso: You have played various characters so which is your favourite among all?

Rudranil: My favourite character would be Chaplin since this movie has become a milestone and people loved the movie extremely. Also, the character is still alive in the hearts of people.

He is the only actor by seeing who people imitate and earn their living. Chaplin is one such character that would stay with me and I believe with the audience forever.

Expresso: Any unique character that you are looking forward to playing?

Rudranil: I have not yet played any character who is deaf and dumb. We see many people like them around us and I believe that they are quite important like others. These kinds of people have huge talent and striking skills even after being challenged.

Some can play music, some can paint and other skills. So, I want to play a deaf and dumb character.

Expresso: Any new directors you are looking forward to working with?

Rudranil: I already have worked with many renowned directors famous in Kolkata. Many rising directors are coming up and people these days take interest in films to which they can relate. This concept has become popular throughout the country. So, I would love to work with such directors who are focusing on this kind of concept.

If you consider some famous directors like Raj, Srijit, and even Anik Dutta their first movie became a hit. This means that the audience has stopped judging directors, especially if they are new.

Expresso: What did time teach you?

Rudranil: I would say that I have taught me to adjust with time and accept the changes going around me. You know time is evergreen and it’s we who are growing older.

Expresso: According to you who is Jhantu da in the industry?

Rudranil: Undoubtedly, it would be Boomba da, our Prosenjit Chakraborty.

Expresso: If not an actor, then what you would have been?

Rudranil: A screenplay writer.

Expresso: How would you describe your journey in three words?

Rudranil: It would be patience, hard-work, and studenthood.

Expresso: Tell us something about your upcoming projects?

Rudranil: I would be working in two films of Sayantan Ghoshal, Parambrata was directing a movie that had to be stopped due to Corona pandemic. Then, I am working in a film by Birsa Dasgupta.

Srijit Mukherjee was also planning to work with me in a movie. So, these would be my upcoming projects for now.

Expresso: How are you spending your self-quarantine time?

Rudranil: I have been binge-watching some of the popular films on Netflix and Amazon Prime, painting, and then scriptwriting.

Expresso: What would be your message for your fans in this pandemic situation?

Rudranil: I would say that life both has a good and bad side, and fun is important because we have to spend this tough time. Also, it is mandatory to maintain the disciplines as well as the guidance, which the government and doctors are giving. Be in a happy mood.

Expresso: Describe yourself in a hashtag

Rudranil: #BlackHore

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