Sunny Singh Shares A Glimpse of His Lifestyle During Lockdown

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Sunny Singh is definitely making the most of this lockdown and spending his time productively as much as he can. The actor has shared quite a bit of thing to do in order to get through this lockdown as smoothly as possible. The actor is currently serving as a source of inspiration for using the time we have in our hands effectively by doing our most favourite things.

Talking about the current situation, Sunny says, “First of all, it’s a very sad thing happening in the country at the moment. Not just the country, all around the world and my prayers, that it ends soon.”

Adding on how the actor is adaptable to everything that’s coming his way, Sunny adds, “But yeah, I have always been someone who has taken it as a day coming and gone by so I don’t really think it will be very difficult for me to resume back to normalcy once it starts.”

Giving a sneak-peek into his real lockdown life, Sunny shares, “But yeah, regular routine has seen quite a bit of change. I am going to sleep at 3:30 am daily. Fitness-wise things are good as I have dumbbells at home so the workout is happening as per the will. Enjoying some lovely food at the house. Overall it’s fun.”

Sunny is definitely enjoying his time at home but equally is missing his time at the shoot and much more. We are loving how we get to see the unfiltered version of the actor and well, it’s definitely relatable.

The actor’s recent song, ‘Holi Mein Rangeele’ was a super hit and one of the most-played songs on Holi. The audiences just couldn’t stop dancing. Sunny Singh was last seen in a mom-com called Jai Mummy Di.

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