Explorer Ed Stafford Takes Wife And Toddler Son On His Discovery show ‘Man Woman Child Wild’

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Renowned adventurer Ed Stafford has survived alone in some of Earth’s most hostile environments, often desperate for food, shelter and water, but now he’s putting himself to the ultimate test.

In the brand-new documentary ED STAFFORD: MAN WOMAN CHILD WILD premiering on Discovery, Discovery HD and Discovery Plus App on May 11, Ed will live off-grid on a remote uninhabited island in Indonesia for one month.

He will be totally self-sufficient fending for himself in this unchartered location, but there’s a twist – this time, he won’t be alone as Ed will be joined by wife Laura Bingham and 20-month-old son Ran, where they will have to survive as a family, on the beautiful yet demanding island.

Completely self-filmed Ed, Laura and Ran’s survival challenge will see them based on one of Indonesia’s 18,000 islands, deep in the Indian Ocean. One hour away from civilisation and with no provisions, they will have to totally fend for themselves, with no idea of the water and food sources in advance, and with the looming threat of tropical storms ever-present.

In the experiment, Ed and Laura want to take themselves away from the modern trappings of life to explore how life is when lived ‘back to basics’. With screen heavy lives, how will it affect them and their relationships when stripped of the modern trappings and obligations. Will they discover a more natural, wholesome way of living away from the distractions of modern-day life? Will their relationships get closer and will Ran’s development accelerate?

Talking about the show, Ed Stafford shares, “I thought it would be fascinating as an experiment, for a family to go out and see whether they can survive and leave behind all the trappings of everyday life. Discovery Channel bought into the idea and they thought it would make a very interesting TV programme. I think we learned a lot of lessons along the way.” Talking about what helps him the most at stressful moments, Ed said, “The thing that I use on expeditions that helps me above everything else, especially, in survival situations is meditating.  It’s so important for me to be centred, to be aware, to be able to notice the things that are going on around you, but also to step back from your thoughts and your emotions and get to a place of calm.”


“Man Woman Child Wild’, with the involvement of Ed’s family, elevates the survival-adventure, in its own unique way. This show is inspiring and gains more relevance in times like these, when forced under lockdown, families are coming together, looking after each other. Such immersive programming is what our audiences are yearning for,” said, Sai Abishek, Director–Content, Factual & Lifestyle Entertainment – South Asia, Discovery. “Given Ed Stafford’s immense popularity, Discovery will premiere the next exclusive series ‘First Man Out Season 2’ immediately after starting May 16.”

This unique show, which started as an experiment, seeks to answer some very pertinent questions about the kind of lives we lead today, questions which have become even more important in light of the current pandemic that we are dealing with. Ed and Laura wanted to take themselves away from the modern comforts of life to explore how life is when lived ‘back to basics’. With screen heavy lives, how will it affect them and their relationship when stripped of the modern ways of living and social obligations? Will they discover a more natural, wholesome way of living away from the distractions of modern-day life? Will their relationship become stronger and will their son, Ran’s development accelerate?

Along with this exciting family show like no other, Ed Stafford will also be seen competing against the world’s top survivalists in a gritty, real-life race to get out of some of the most hostile environments on the planet on yet another Discovery Channel show: ‘ED STAFFORD: FIRST MAN OUT Season 2’, starting from 16th May.

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