Season’s Greetings Review: A Zing To The Nostalgia And Poetry In Motion

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Cast: Celina Jaitly Haag, Lillette Dubey, Azhar Khan, Shree Ghatak

Director: Ram Kamal Mukherjee

Rating: 4.5/5

Duration: 47 minutes

Review: The movie revolves around a sweet, lovable and the changing dynamics of Mother-Daughter relationship. Lillette Dubey aka Suchitra is the mother and role of the daughter has been played by Celina as Romita. The story begins with the poetic letter recited by Suchitra. She has been living alone for 15 years after her husband left her abruptly. Since then she stays with her maid Chapala (Shree Ghatak), who is a transgender. This yet reflects the strong personality of Suchitra wherein she accepts Chapala the way she is and make her a part of her family. Music and dance became her only companion by then.

Romita aka Celina Jaitly Haag travels a lot due to her work assignment and she stays in live-in almost for two years with Usman aka Azhar Khan. Romita wanted her mother to meet her live in partner.

At the beginning of the movie, Romita and Usman’s conversation revolves around various topics like socio-political issues, the me-too movement to floating clouds.

Suchitra aka Lillette Dubey
Suchitra aka Lillette Dubey

Suchitra who lives in a house named ‘Utsab’ was no exceptional. Daughter’s homecoming is always very special for every mother and she gets too excited that her daughter is finally coming home. She also does everything possible to welcome her daughter and her fiancée.

There was something to be revealed over a five-course meal and few glasses of wine. Mother and Daughter discover each other in a new way over the dinner table. As Romita discovers her mother’s new phase, she became surprised and thought that everything was to be changed and blamed her mother for her father’s leaving them. This yet reflects the biased character of Romita as her mother is accepting everything related to her life whereas, on the contrary, Romita fails to accept the changes that have occurred in her mother’s life.

The 47 minutes film jostle with something shocking and interesting yet surprising and with an overwhelming climax scene.

This movie appeals as a simple narrative, and director Ram Kamal Mukherjee has very carefully shown every scene paying great attention to details. He perfectly gave his own elucidation in each moment to create something special, getting inspired by Ritu da’s movie.

His film Season Greetings not only attempts to offer a tribute to Ritu Da but he engraves it all with the spoken and unspoken moments of this film. Season denotes to ‘Ritu’ or the seasons and Greetings denotes ‘Ritur Ahobaan’ or invitation’. Someone who has grown watching Guru Dutt’s film then must be fallen into the unconditional love which is defined by ’90s. The film offers beautiful heart touching dialogues like “Yeh Guru Dutt wala pyar hai, Sex in the City wale nahi samjhenge.”

Celina as Romita will undoubtedly surprise you all. In all her past films she had played glamorous roles only but in this movie, we can see her mature side and acting skills. This film marks her return to B-town post her marriage and motherhood. In this film, she was fighting for screen space with a legendary actress Lillette Dubey and she did a wonderful job. Undoubtedly we all can say, Lillettte as Suchitra is the soul of the film. No wonder if she has been critically acclaimed at National Film Festival. She led to touch your heart with her graceful performance. Her exposer as a mother, attitude towards life and its goal and moreover her decision-making ability is par excellence as a homemaker. This made a huge impact even after the curtain falls.

Azhar Khan as Usman complements for many scenes and on the other-hand Shree Ghatak does not get much screen space but yet her role was appealing.

The beginning of the film reminded of Ritu Da’s Barnali where Banalata was also waiting for her beloved ones. In this time of hard situation “Season Greetings” comes to you as a mood-lifter.

Romita eka celina jaitly haag
Romita eka celina jaitly haag

Plot and subplot are constructed amazing, screenplay well-sketched and cinematography adding a special zing with a nostalgia. This film is produced by Aritra Das and Shailendra Kumar. The background music of this movie made a very soulful impact with the song Sajani Sajani Radhika Lo.

Celina and Shree Ghatak
Celina Jaitly Haag and Shree Ghatak

Music directed and rendered by Shailendra Sayanti. This also marks the debut of Jaan Kumar Sanu, son of Bollywood famous singer Kumar Sanu. The song “Gahana Kusum” was sung by Jaan Kumar Sanu and Sarbani Mukherjee. The song, Sajani Sajani was sung by Sayani Palit.

This film takes you through the rarely spoken subjects like a live-in relationship, freedom of sexual choice and enactment of section 377 but yet it will calm and relive your senses. You are going to get astonished by seeing the choice made by Suchitra and the person she has fallen for.

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