Easy Home Made Recipe : Stirfry Chinese Style tofu

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Radhieka Mittal, is a baker, recipe creator and food writer.  A professional baker par excellence she gave up her job in Delhi’s corporate world to follow her dream in the food industry 11 years ago and has never looked back since. Besides running a flourishing cake business by the name of ‘Exotic Cakes & Desserts’, she also conducts workshops and demos for all kinds of baking. When not baking she can be found trying out her favourite food and writing about it her blog Postcards & Puchkas ( www.postcardsnpuchkas.com )…In this lockdown period, Radhieka shares unique recipes with us…

Stirfry Chinese Style tofu

Ingredients: 200 gms Tofu or Paneer cubed, 2-3 tbsp soy sauce, 3 spring  onions chopped with greens, 1 tsp Red and yellow bell pepper chopped ( optional), 1 tsp Chinese red chilli sauce or any other sauce ( teriyaki etc), 1 tsp garlic paste, 1 tsp cornflour, White pepper or normal pepper, Oil for cooking tofu

For the Marinating: 1 tsp soy sauce, ½ tsp chilli sauce, 2 tsp  cornflour

Method: Put the cubed tofu in a bowl and a bowl and the 1 tsp of soy sauce and ½ tsp of chilli sauce and toss to coat the cubes…After 2 mins sprinkle with cornflour and toss again to coat evenly…Heat 2 tablespoons of oil in a pan. Shake of the extra cornflour and shallow fry the Tofu till crisp, turning the cubes to ensure it’s cooked from all sides…In the same pan add 1 tsp oil and heat. Add the ginger paste and cook…Add the spring onion and cook for 30 secs. Add the bell peppers at this stage if using. Sprinkle with a very little salt and pepper…Make a slurry of the of 1 tsp cornflour with 2 tsp water, Add to the cooking vegetables, Add the sauces – soy and chilly. Now add the cooked tofu and toss till its evenly coated…Sprinkle with chopped greens of spring onions and serve hot…

NO Yeast BreadNo yeast Bread


This bread uses no yeast and can be made be baked instantly.
1 cup maida
1 cup whole wheat or atta
1 cup milk
1 tsp vinegar
1 tsp baking soda
1 tsp honey ( or castor sugar)
1 tsp salt
olive for brushing
mixed seeds or herbs for topping and flavouring


  1. Mix the vinegar with milk and leave to rest for 10 minutes to make buttermilk
  2. Mix the atta, maida, salt and baking soda in a large bowl and sift
  3. Add honey or sugar
  4. Now add the milk and vinegar mixture and mix to form a wet sticky dough
  5. Take out from the bowl and knead on the countertop for 2 mins, sprinkle with extra flour if needed to prevent sticking. A wetter dough is better so don’t sprinkle too much flour
  6. Shape the dough as desired. I prefer round
  7. Sprinkle a baking tray with flour, place the dough on it
  8. Brush with olive and press seeds (if using) lightly into dough
  9. Add cuts with a knife on top
  10. Bake in the preheated oven at 200-degree c for 25-35 minutes or till Done







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