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Never Kiss Your Best Friend, adapted from Sumrit Sahi’s best-selling novel of the same name. The 10 episode series is a millennial rom-com starring Nakuul Mehta and Anya Singh as best friends Sumer and Tanie.

The story begins with 27-year-old Tanie Brar in a pub. She spends the weekend with her boring boss just for free alcohol. In this pub, she spotted her former best friend Sumer Singh Dhillon and in the meantime, her life takes a turn.

Their meeting was a not-so happening reunion. They recollected with the time when they first met in Sumer’s house.

They introduce each other with a hilariously awkward situation. Tanie entered the washroom to ease herself and Sumer was there masturbating in the bathtub. After such a weird odd meeting, Tanie and Sumer ultimately become best friends.

Sumer hails from a family where his parents Suchitra Krishnamoorthi and Rituraj Singh are enduring a bitter relationship. Having a smooth life they mutually decided to keep an open relationship.

On the other side, Niki and Vivek portray Anya’s parents, Niki is sweet, cute, and as lovable as the loud Punjabi mother who is over-restrictive and over-possessive towards her daughter.

The series is all about their crazy bonding, ups, and downs in Sumer and Tanie’s relationship, reconnecting after a long separation and the existence of a curious history between them, grappling with their complicated feelings for each other. The two are always open to discuss anything from their first kiss to period pain.

Being the best friend they solve all the little problems. In a few episodes, we find subtle hints for the love between Sumer and Tanie.

Anya Singh, who made her Bollywood debut with Habib Faisal’s Qaidi Band. Now she makes an impressive stunning great comeback with this series.

37-year-old Nakuul Mehta portrays the character Sumer very well. He is very nice and easily transforms from a college boy in the flashback scenes. We surely bet that Nakuul’s fans will love him as this character who gets hold of life as it comes. Not only that Nakuul and Anya also share great on-screen chemistry in this romcom.

Apart from the subject with the more-than-friends, the series also conduct some dealing like homophobia, psychological pressure, drugs, and open relationships. The story is fun but once the best friends Sumer and Tanie gradually realize that they could be more than just a best friend. Never Kiss Your Best Friend is a simple, easy-peasy story that everyone can easily relate to.Nakuul Mehta and Anya Singh

However, This series is an adaptation of the novel Never Kiss your Best friend but the makers have introduced a lot of changes in it.

Songs literally deserve a special mention in this series. Jaane Na Dunga Kahin by Armaan Malik and Jee Na Paunga by Vishal Mishra are very well and heart touching. The series is absolutely binge-worthy.

This series comes with a warning in its title itself. But Sumer and Tanie didn’t pay attention to this warning and winded up to their relation what they were suggested against.

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