Shantanu Maheshwari teamed up with Amardeep Singh for fun dance video

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Actor and International dancer Shantanu Maheshwari recently teamed up with robotics dancing expert Amardeep Singh for an amazingly fun dance video which bringing out its own take on kids from the era of the ’90s!

Speaking about how their dancing has tried to bring out the concept in the sweetest and simple way, Shantanu shares, “90’s kids is what Amardeep’s thought was when we were planning the video. When he shared the concept with me I was very excited about it. As nowadays the scenario has changed as kids these days don’t know if these kinds of games anymore and are more inclined towards activities inside the house. But going back to our childhood days, in the 90’s we all have been brought up in a different way where outdoor activities were given a lot more preference. Amardeep and I, well both of us have come from very different backgrounds so for example like the game of ‘Bhawra’ that we are playing in the video, is one which I myself haven’t really ever played but have just watched it being played by others when I was a child, so it was definitely fun to try it out while filming the video, and in the process, I even learnt how to play the game which made it even more fun for me! Other than that I have been wanting to collaborate with Amardeep, who is a fabulous dancer/choreographer. He has a very different style of dancing which is quite different from mine, and one which I too wanted to get a chance to learn to improvise more on new techniques for myself.”

Wanting to showcase how kids back then were all about playing outdoor games and spending more time out of the house than inside it, Shantanu and Amardeep have with some of the most amazing dance moves and grooves, and with a twist of their own brought the concept to life through their dancing really well!

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