Loca hits 50 million views

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After the immense success of “Loca”, Yo Yo Honey Singh unveils his future plans. The astounding rapper recently started dabbling his art in love songs by releasing his song “Love dose”. The fans were left in awe and just could not wait to hear more love songs from him.

Talking about the fans demand, Yo Yo Honey Singh shares, “Many love songs are ready! We are working on two songs, one of them is Dance Love song just like Love Dose and one is a proper Dance Song. After that, there will be one more song for which we will be shooting which is a proper Love Song.”

The dapper rapper Yo Yo Honey Singh made us majestically move with his all-new groove ‘Loca’.

Loca’s music video recently hit 50 million views and has dazzled the whole music industry and its audience. The rapper has worked hard on the song which makes us party even harder.

Yo-yo Honey Singh is known to be the king of the rap game in India. He has a hardcore fan following. Bollywood’s rap sensation is known to experiment with his music production skills. “Loca” successfully mixed elements of a Reggaeton beat with Spanish-Esque instrumentals which proved the rapper’s versatility with experimentation.

The singer became popular for erotic, raunchiest, hippest, groovy music. Yo-Yo Honey Singh is attacked for so-called vulgarity in the lyrics. The rapper has plans on releasing two new songs namely “First Kiss” which will be a love song much awaited by his loyal fans, and then, one more party song named “Saiyaan” which will surely make a lot of praise rain.

The two songs will be released back to back and will surely induce party-trance. The fans are always craving his songs and just can’t wait for more of his feet sweeping releases.

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