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Finally, the worlds wait is over, the most anticipated film Angrezi medium is released. This film is a genuine, heartfelt composition of freedom and fatherhood. And with this film Irrfan Khan making a comeback after a year and a half. Director Homi Adajania decided to cast Irrfan Khan when he was diagnosed with a neuroendocrine tumour in 2018.

Talking about his feelings and the working experience with Irrfan, director Homi Adajania shares,Yes, this is my first film and I am blown away with his positivity, strength, and spirit. He is an amazing actor I must say. A Legend doesn’t come back, he has always there.  One of the most striking things about his acting is even when he kept silent; he was saying millions of things. This is one of the USP of Irrfan Khan.”

While the making of the movie Irrfan Khan was undergoing treatments so was it challenging to shoot in that situation?We all equally adjusted throughout the shooting since he was under treatment. There were hard days and easy days as well. I kept the shooting timing of six hours instead of ten to twelve hours. I was quite aware of this fact that he needs rest as well. But, I must say that Irrfan is quite a courageous and energetic actor. The strength and the spirit which he had throughout the shooting inspired the entire crew members. I made sure that he is comfortable while shooting since anyway he will always try to push himself. Irrfan efficiently acted even after playing the role of a father, mother as well as a friend to his daughter,” added Homi Adajania.

Adajania is returning to filmmaking after six years. So why he choose this particular subject…

He says,This happened all of a sudden. I was working on a very dark topic and, then Dinesh introduced me to some of the narrators who came up with the story. I heard it and it amazed me since the story was a mix of emotions. Instantly I decided that I will direct the movie. I loved the concept so much that I couldn’t reject the idea. I felt that the story is quite good and the audience will certainly love the idea as well. You see, when the audience sitting inside the movie theatre praises your work it feels amazing and satisfactory.”

What are your views regarding the concept of both Hindi Medium and Angrezi Medium? Is Angrezi Medium a sequel of Hindi Medium? Talking about this question Homi added, “The concept of Hindi Medium was something that was made on a serious note, but when it comes to Angrezi Medium, the concept is quite pleasing and beautiful. After I read the story, I finally decided that this is the time of spreading some love, positivity, and laughter, which the audience will certainly love. Also, I have just seen the final cut of Hindi Medium for once, but I must say that I loved the movie and the concept.

No, this is not a sequel of Hindi Medium. This is just a franchise film since the characters are not the same, the concept is not the same. I just wanted to take the idea of the movie to the next level. If I would have been told to make a sequel by keeping the characters the same, then I would not have shown any kind of interest in it. I wanted to show my creativity with which I wanted to create a new world as well as characters. So, all in all, making the movie was quite challenging.”

Any difference between Angrezi Medium and Hindi Medium, talking about it Homi shares, “This is completely different from Angrezi Medium since the former one highlighted mainly the education system. But, Angrezi Medium is all about the unconditional love of a father for his daughter. She always wanted to study abroad and wanted to fulfil her crazy dreams and how far the father can go to fulfil her dreams. When I was researching the movie, I went to Udaipur and met the local people as well as the school girls. To my surprise, I found that the views between the parents as well as their kids do not match. You will certainly love the movie. You see the kids never realize the sacrifices parents make for their kids and they believe that the grasses are greener on the other side”.

Alongside Irrfan, Kareena Kapoor Khan, Radhika Madan and Dimple Kapadia are also featuring in this film, Homi Adajania shares it was an amazing experience working with them…

“I was searching for a new face for the movie who will be around the age of sixteen to seventeen years. So then, Dinesh showed me the movie Patakha and after watching it I found her quite interesting. After that, I met her in person and she asked me about my upcoming projects. She asked me to take her audition and I loved it. But, I said to her that I am looking for someone around the age of sixteen to seventeen and she asked me to give a chance. After I chose her, she went through physical training and finally made herself apt for the character.

Kareena plays is small yet very important for the movie. When I narrated the story she instantly agreed to work in the movie. Also, she wanted to work with Irrfan,” says Adajania.

Just like Irrfan Khan played the role of a father, can you relate to any real-life incidents at the time of the shooting? Homi shares, “My father was the president of the Indian Boxing Federation and was also associated with the Indian Boxing Committee, so he had to travel abroad. After returning from any new place he uses to tell me stories that I used to love. The strangest thing was he use to repeat the same stories every time. He was the reason behind my mastering the art of storytelling. But, when I found that he is repeating the same story he said that in life you just have your present and the memories, and that’s how I learned that no matter, which story you are telling but it should be positive.

Which location did you choose to begin with the shooting? He says, “Udaipur was our location from where I started shooting for the movie. Initially, I went to Jodhpur, Jaipur, and Bikaner, but I finally chose Jodhpur. I chose London for the outdoor shoot. I exactly do not remember how much time did it take to shoot the movie, but approximately the whole team stayed over there for at least one month.”

Many students are there in India who want to study abroad, so does this movie gives any kind of message to them?

“See, the story is not about the admission process. It is about the girl wants to get admission to an abroad school and how her father tries his best to help her in getting the admission. I feel that we have everything in India, but if you want to specialize in any course, which is not available in India, then you can certainly go abroad. But, for the sake of graduation, it is certainly not a good idea since you are getting everything over here.” Adajania signs off.

By Swapnil Dhanaji Kurade


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