Irrfan sir is very courageous and always remained positive : Radhika Madan

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Irrfan and Radhika Madan-starrer Angrezi Medium will hit the screens tomorrow. In this film, Irrfan portrays the role of a small-town man, Champak Goswami while Radhika essays the role of his daughter. The story revolves around a father’s struggle to make certain that his daughter’s dream of studying abroad is fulfilled.

Right before the release Radhika  Madan shares, “I was spotted on Facebook from where my journey to the industry began. Initially, I worked in TV serials and then I started giving auditions for movies. Later on, I got to know that Homi sir is looking for a new face for his film ‘Angrezi Medium’, so I requested him to consider me for the film. I am very much grateful to Homi sir for choosing me for his film and believing in me.

Taarika is just like other girls who have many dreams. She wants to move abroad for further study and how her father helps and fights to let her achieve those dreams.”

Talking about the believe in the concept of studying abroad Radhika added, “It depends actually. I feel that a few subjects are there in which you can only excel if you study abroad. I wanted to study Jazz, but during my time the culture was not that famous. So, I had to shift abroad. Similarly, few subjects are there in which India excels and for that, you need to go abroad just for the sake of tag.”

How was your experience working with Irfan Khan and what did you learn from him? Radhika says, “I had an amazing experience working with Irfan Khan. He is a very good person and the one thing that I loved about him is he has worked in many films, still, now he works as if he is working anew in this industry. His urge to learn new things inspired me a lot.”

While shooting, Irfan Khan was undergoing treatment so did you face any difficulties…

“The whole team was quite supportive and sensitive about his situation, but he was very courageous and always remained positive. There was a beautiful understanding between Irrfan sir and Homi sir along with the whole team member. Both of them were quite aware of the situations as a result things went quite smoothly,” the actor shares.

Radhika is a huge fan of Kareena Kapoor Khan and through this film, her dream comes true.

She further added, “I am a huge fan of Kareena Kapoor and always wanted to meet her. She is a very heartwarming and sweet person and in spite of being such a huge star, she was very friendly with us throughout the movie. After working with her, my perceptions changed.”

You went to London as well as Udaipur. Was it challenging for you to shoot the movie over there? She says, “You can say that it was not tough, but certain things were creating obstacles. I went to Udaipur for shooting Patakha, but you will find any similarity between Taarika and Badki. I had to visit the schools and hang out with teenage girls to know about their life, how they party, etc. I have visited London, but looking from the eye of Taarika, everything is new to her since London was new to Taarika. So, viewing things and cracking them for the first time is certainly difficult, so for me, this was the challenging part. For me, cracking the character in the movie was the most difficult part.”

Talking about the huge craze between choosing ‘Hindi Medium’ and ‘Angrezi Medium’… Radhika added, “I am not that much into languages since I believe that the nature of a person is something that matters the most to me. I guess only in our country this conflict is persisting. But, the movie Hindi Medium sorts out every problem in a beautiful manner.”

It is an evergreen fact that daughters stay close to their father. Can you relate to the same while shooting for the film? Radhika reveals, “I always wanted to become a dancer, wanted to travel and shift abroad. Acting is something that happened in my life all of a sudden. I took the training while I was acting. I worked for about one and a half years in television, so it was kind of an on the job training. No, I have not worked in any theatre.

My father was the only person who inspired me to work in this industry. When I first came to Mumbai for an audition, he used to wait for me outside. I remember the only thing he asked me was whether acting gives me happiness. After then, I shifted to Mumbai. So, this is the only thing that I could relate to with the movie.”

She has also worked in the film ‘Mard Ko Dard Nahi Hota’. Talking about the feedback from the audience Radhika shares, “The response to the movie was quite good, Everyone told me how they are loving it. After Angrezi Medium, I have recently finished working with ‘Shiddat’ where I have worked with Sunny Kaushal.

How far do you want to take your career? She added, “I want to become a versatile actor and do not want to stick to any particular role. I believe that versatility is the only thing that helps in flourishing your career. I want to keep surprising the audience.”

Name some faces from Bollywood who inspired you to become an actor? “Tabu and Shefali Shah are my favourites in terms of acting,” says Radhika.

Any role which you want to play? Radhika shares, “I want to play the role of ‘Joker’ if India ever adapts it.”

By Swapnil Dhanaji Kurade


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