Versatility is Key to Achieve Stardom: Vicky Kaushal

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 After impressing the audience with its spooky trailer, poster and music Vicky Kaushal’s Bhoot – The Haunted Ship part 1 release today. After receiving love for his performance in URI – The Surgical Strike, actor Vicky Kaushal is all set to make everyone scream with his next.

The Haunted Ship’ is part of the horror franchise that revolves around a ship that lies static on a beach. Vicky Kaushal who is a surveying officer on the ship – Sea Bird. Sea-Bird is a mysterious ship that floated on the shore of Juhu beach Mumbai and Vicky is on a mission to figure out how that happened when there was no one in the ship.

“Horror is altogether a different genre for me and it is something that is not much popular in India. I was quite surprised when I got a call from Karan and honestly, I didn’t expect that Dharma Productions will work on any horror film. Also, the director of the movie was a debutant so I was a bit skeptical since this is the only genre that does not get too much importance in India, and you must be aware of the fact that the number of horror films is quite low too. When talking about Dharma, the first thing that comes to mind is romance, songs which are certainly something that does not match with the genre. But, after reading the script I was quite scared and then I realized that the story is true to the genre, and the movie did not have any unnecessary songs or romance as most of you have seen in the Hollywood movies. Also, I wanted to do something unique since the audience always enjoys watching something unique and unexpected things,” added Vicky.

Talking about the movie impact upon the audience, Vicky shares, “The audience will certainly get scared, but it is entertaining since the horror is the only genre that can only be enjoyed with the community viewing experience. I always plan to watch horror movies with my friends and not alone since the experience becomes much more exciting.  I would suggest that if you watch the movie with your friends inside a room with a good sound system, then it will certainly give you some amazing experience”.

‘Dogaj Zameen Ke Neeche’ did scare the audience. Will this movie do the same? Vicky adds, “See if you ask me, then horror movie is the only genre that is popular for suspense. Since I shot for the movie I know that what comes next in the movie, but for the audience, it might turn out to be scary. Few scenes are there in the movie which while shooting I was not present on the sets but later on, it did scare me. So, all these things do make me realize that the movie is in its real space and it is certainly scary.”

All I can say is this does not have any songs, romance or any spicy story, and the movie revolves around ghosts and paranormal activities. The rest only audience can decide whether it is scary or not.

Vicky reveals that as a newcomer acting in movies of this genre is undoubtedly difficult, “A lot of VFX has been used in the movie and honestly acting in movies of this genre is undoubtedly difficult. For me, this was completely new as I have always worked in movies of a different genre where usually I worked with my co-actors. Shooting for a horror movie depends completely on your imagination and then reacting to it accordingly. Also, timing is very important since within a given slot of timing you have to come up with the expressions and react. So, all in all, it was new and difficult for me, but I enjoyed it a lot since it was new to me… I am quite scared of deep water and even though I took training for it from ‘Masan’ and ‘Uri’, the fear remained inside. ‘Bhoot’ has many underwater sequences and here I practised a lot so that the fear of deep water goes away. I put a lot of effort into this and now certainly I have mastered it,” says the actor.

Do you believe in ghosts and feel that ghosts are scary in real life? Talking about it he added, “It depends actually since you must have noticed that whenever you are entering into any room instantly you get some negatives vibrations. When shooting for ‘Raazi’, I had to stay in a hotel for the shoot, and it was a palace turned into a hotel kind of thing. For me, staying in these kinds of rooms gives me those negative vibrations due to the ambience. I have not experienced any such paranormal activities, but I have certainly heard about it from my friends.”

 While shooting for the movie, did you experience any kind of paranormal activity on the sets? Vicky shares, “No, I did not face any such paranormal activities. But, I did face an accident on the set, but apart from that, I did not face anything worth noticing.”

How ‘Uri’ brought a change in your career? Did the dialogue ‘How’s the josh’ affect you? “‘Uri’ has certainly brought a huge change in my career since I have become quite responsible after that. The expectations of the audience have increased a great deal and hence whenever people will see me working in any movie, automatically their expectations will increase. ‘Uri’ became quite popular and the audience has loved it so definitely I would certainly try to meet the expectations of them. It has certainly changed my life since people have loved the dialogue and it has given me a lot of gratitude,” added Vicky Kaushal.

What it takes it to achieve the stardom like Shahrukh Khan and Amitabh Bachchan and does roles help in achieving stardom? Vicky shares, “For me, they have achieved superstardom and I believe that discipline is very much important when it comes to working. Amitabh Sir is very much disciplined about this work and still, now he reaches the sets on time, he works hard, goes on rehearsals. So, I try to follow this so that the zeal should stay in me if I want to achieve stardom.

I feel that I am a greedy actor, and I want to work with different roles and work with different directors. I believe that versatility is very important if I want to achieve stardom.”

Talking about his upcoming projects and dream role Vicky shares, “Well my upcoming projects after ‘Bhoot’ will be Shoojit Sircar’s ‘Udham Singh’, and then we will start shooting for ‘Takht’ from the next month, and Meghna Gulzhar’s ‘Sam’.

I wanted to do a period film and ‘Takht’ has certainly fulfilled my dreams. Apart from that, specifically, I want to work in any sports drama.

Your journey from ‘Masan’ to ‘Bhoot’, how would you explain it? Vicky says, “For me, it is certainly a blessing.”

 His views regarding ‘Thappad’? Vicky shares, “Well, I am against violence and I loved the concept of the movie since domestic violence is still an issue, and this movie has efficiently highlighted it so that people can become aware of it.”

By Swapnil Dhanaji Kurade

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