Malang Review: A Perfect blend of Glamour and Thrill

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Cast: Aditya Ray Kapoor, Anil Kapoor, Disha Patani, Kunal Khemu, Elli AvrRam

Director: Mohit Suri

Rating: 4/5

Review: The story revolves around a sudden and striking incident in the lives of Advait and Sara who met each other on a trip to Goa. Advait aka Aditya Ray Kapoor is a bit of an introvert, on the other side Sara aka Disha Patani is a free-spirited, independent charming girl from London, who comes to see in India for the first time and wants to live her life in her own terms. All is well until they are attracted and involved with each other. Advait keep on capturing nice moments in his camera. One time Sara tells Advait, “Hum apne liye jeeyenge”, and the two get ahead with facing their fears by trying out different adventure. But suddenly twists come in their lives and went spinning out of control.

Time goes on, five years later, Advait goes ahead a killing spree in the Christmas night. Anjaney Agashe, aka Anil Kapoor, is a police officer who breaks the law all the time and Michael Rodrigues aka Kunal Khemu a seemingly law-abiding cop, run on a mad hunt for him. Uncovering the truth behind the Advait’s revenge is what the rest of the film is about.

The story takes his place in two proportion, one indicates of revenge and other is execution. The film is slow-paced and tries to establish a connection with the audience. Director Mohit Suri maintains a balanced on the narration for all parts. The scenes in Goa are beautiful and will surely make you want to go on for adventure this weekend.

Coming to the performance Aditya makes an impression on his role. He portrays reserve restraint, love and pain with sheer and perfect brightness and brilliance. His physical transformation adds some weight to his character. Disha Patani looks amazing and stunning. The chemistry between the two is infectious.

Anil Kapoor aces his role and makes us smile with his role. Perfectly spotless and impeccable expressions, peerless body language and his dialogue delivery add some extra marks to the film. Kunal Kemmu is real, genuine and bolts out of the blue in two parts. He does justice to his role. Elli AvrRam perfectly does as Jessie and her dreadlocks make her look smart, stylish and dapper.

The dialogues are great. The film begins with a power-packed action scene and dives directly into the drama. The music show beyond the doubt to be one of its powerful points. The song Hui Malang, Humraah which will surely stay with you even after you leave the theatre.

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