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Never Kiss Your Best Friend which is presently streaming on ZEE5. It has been in the story on the grounds of the unbeatable indomitable chemistry between the lead pair, Nakuul Mehta and Anya Singh. Both are seen sharing the cutest and lovable bond that is making viewers fall in love with their adorable friendship. Expresso Magazine caught up with both as they opened up about choosing this web show, their character, their past experience and lots more…

Expresso: What made you work in the series ‘Never Kiss Your Best Friend’?

Nakuul: See, honestly I thought that if I work in this series, then it will become more popular, and people will eagerly wait for the series to air. Then I got to know that Anya is also working in it, so why not take the chance, and work with her as she is a very hard working and talented girl for sure.

Anya: I would say that Nakul sir did the series so that I can get more fans and followers, as well as the audience, shall love my work. Also, I had to convince and request Nakul sir to work in the series. After requesting so many times, he got ready to work with me and I am grateful.

Expresso: Tell us something about your character.

Nakuul: If you ask me, then I would say that my character is quite interesting, lovable yet one of the simple characters. The boy is chilled out by nature, not worries about his future, and what he wants to achieve. Also, his father is not aware of his dreams and aspirations, or rather he never shares anything with him due to the fear that he will understand. He also has a best friend with whom he shares everything. All in all, you can say that my character is more like a boy-next-door.

Anya: I am playing Tani in the series who is very confused, and she is quite sure about her opinions, but on the other hand side, she is also confused about certain things in her life. It’s just two young characters who are experiencing emotions and new things in their lives. Both of them share incidents and things going on in their lives. The story is basically about the journey of two best friends which I feel is quite nice and relatable.

Expresso: Can you share with us a few incidents that reminded us about your past while shooting?

Nakuul: All of us have lived in that phase where we enjoyed different situations of life. I remember I use to enjoy different activities while shooing for any movies in the past. I use to drink, crack silly jokes, which I believe are a few of the most memorable incidents that reminded me about when shooting for the series.

Anya: When the audience will watch the series they will have to understand that we are playing the role of teenagers who are around the age of eighteen and nineteen, so our behaviour will be different, and the way we acted in the series is quite versatile. At times, when we use to shoot, I had to recollect the behaviours and forget about the fact that we are not any teenagers anymore.

Expresso: Since this is a show involving teenagers, what would be your message for the couples and teenagers?

Nakuul: It is a very fun show and we intend to portray such characters in this industry, which people will enjoy watching. I and Anya both of us never thought about giving any kind of message to the audience through it.

Expresso: Bollywood or Tollywood, what is the difference between both.

Anya: See I know Hindi properly, and when it comes to Tollywood, I use to face problems when speaking in Tamil and Telegu. I feel that language is the most crucial thing, and if you are not comfortable with any language, then automatically you will be able to work easily.

Expresso: What you use to do when you faced problems while speaking Tamil and Telegu language?

Anya: See, when working in Tollywood, the directors and the crew members use to help in learning the characters. You have to give your one hundred per cent, if you want to play your characters properly otherwise, it would be a complete injustice to the character. I feel that if you have complete knowledge about the language only, then you can become a complete part of the scene.

Expresso: You are a social media star… How do you deal with this media?

Nakuul: I am on social media because of just want to promote my work. But as a citizen, it’s very much important to know what’s happening in the world. I am a very active face on Twitter more than on Instagram. I do get criticized for my work, but the main thing I only see what I can learn from it.

Expresso: Acting or modelling, which one would you prefer?

Anya: I am not that tall enough to become a model. Also, acting was always my passion and my priority too, so definitely I would choose the later on always.

Expresso: What are both of your dream roles?

Nakuul: It would be the character that I played currently. Other than that, I do not have any such dream roles to play. I feel that no matter what role you are playing, you should do it with full dedication.

Anya: I would want to play you, which means that I want to be a twenty-one-year-old student who always looks forward to going back to college and live life to the fullest. For me, I believe that this is one of the most beautiful and memorable characters it would be if I ever get a chance.

Expresso: Tell us something about your upcoming projects

Nakuul: I would say that earlier I had hosted a cricket show, and I would like to do the same this year with IPL since I am a huge fan of sports. Other than that there are no such new projects which are about to come up for now.

Anya: I do not have any such plans or projects that are going to come up.

By Swapnil Dhanaji Kurade 

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