A Tete-a-tete with acclaimed designer Anamika Khanna 

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Bringing the universe of pride to life, the celebrated Blenders Pride Fashion Tour goes beyond conventional runway shows in its milestone 15th edition to unveil a breathtakingly new face of fashion.

The tour commenced in Kolkata with acclaimed designer Anamika Khanna curating a breathtaking experience that highlighted extraordinary craft through magnificent designs. Adding to the grandeur of the evening were showstoppers Arjun Kapoor and Janhvi Kapoor, looking spectacular in masterpieces by Anamika. Expounding the concept ‘My Craft, My Pride’, Anamika Khanna showcased the diverse and rich culture of India through her collection that was young, energetic and almost flamboyant, representing two diametrically opposite sentiments that complement each other at the same time. Here we are with a sweet conversation with Anamika Khanna before the show where she shares her association with Blender’s Pride Fashion Tour, her theme, style statement of Bollywood personalities, her upcoming projects and lots more.

Expresso: Tell us something about your association with Blender’s Pride Fashion Tour?

Anamika: Well, my association with Blender’s Pride Fashion Tour has been active for quite some time from now. This is a great association I must say. I have worked with them earlier as well, and this is not just about the fashion show since working with them has allowed me to introduce some unique and stylish concepts into the fashion industry. For example, the different themes and concepts which they are considering this year and others are quite versatile. One of the biggest plus points about the association is they give a huge amount of creativity which is great.

Expresso: Your theme for this year is ‘My Craft My Pride’. Could you tell us something about it?

Anamika: The theme which I have chosen is on craft, and the different techniques that we have thought to use are mainly craft-based ideas from different corners of the country as well as from Bengal. If you look into the designs you will understand that the entire collection is quite versatile, dynamic, and creative. So, the designs start with ivories, and then I have made it into monochromatic that looks extremely stunning. Again I have made it sure to play with colours as well. The silhouettes that I have come up have embroideries, shapes and sizes, and lots more.

Expresso: You have designed costumes for a lot of Bollywood celebrities. Can you tell us about their style statement?

Anamika: See every one of them has their style statement, and it is really difficult to pinpoint and tell about them, and their style statement. When I am working with any actor, they tell me about the ideas which have thought about and share it with me, and accordingly, I give them suggestions. So, things go like this, and I have to design clothes in that way.

Expresso: Who do you think has become the most style-savvy among all for whom you have worked for?

Anamika: Today, the celebrities have become quite aware of their style statement, and if you ask me particularly, then I would undoubtedly say its Sonam Kapoor for sure.

Expresso: Tell us something about your international fashion tours and what is your signature fashion style like an Indian designer on these tours especially.

Anamika: Currently I am not a part of the show, but I have certainly worked in international fashion shows. I am planning to go back to it for sure.

Expresso: Do you think that Bollywood dictates the fashion statement?

Anamika: I do believe that Bollywood dictates the fashion statement, and even Indian fashion is completely based on Bollywood.

Expresso: Are you coming up with any new project with any Bollywood actor or any upcoming fashion show?

Anamika: So, currently I am thinking of opening a store in Mumbai as soon as the fashion tour gets over. Apart from that, I am also planning to launch some of my new collections as well, and most importantly I have thought of coming up with the launching of men’s wear collection this year.

Expresso: Tell us something about your show stoppers at Blender’s Pride Fashion Tour and your collection.

Anamika: I have planned to make Janhvi Kapoor and Arjun Kapoor as my show stoppers because they are quite young and fashionable, and I feel that they are quite aware of their fashion sense too, which is quite smart and dynamic too. They have recently come into the Bollywood and their taste in fashion quotient I believe is extremely impactful, and due to this reason, I am considering them as my showstoppers for the fashion tour.


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