Recent visit to the US as “the best riding trip of my life” : Amit Sadh

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Amit Sadh who is just back from biking across North America now wants to ride down from Mumbai to Goa; a cycling trip in India and abroad is also being planned.

He is vocal about his love for fitness and biking, describes his recent visit to the US as “the best riding trip of his life”.

The actor went with two friends and covered a distance of 3000 miles in just nine days. When asking about the trip, Amit shares, “I picked up a bike from North America and proceeded to Lake Isabella, entered the Death Valley and saw the Grand Canyon, before moving on to Vegas. From there we rode to Mohave Valley and a National Park, then, headed back.”

It was a tiring journey as the trio had to follow a carefully chalked-out plan with no window for delay.

“We used to wake up at 5 am, ride to a picturesque spot for a sunrise photo-shoot, return to the hotel for breakfast and then were on the move all day,” he informs, adding that only once did they veer away from their itinerary when they were stuck in traffic.

“We even trekked through the ice to see the sunset in Death Valley. The ride was a blend of struggles, hardships and great views,” Amit exults.

Talking about the challenges of riding in winter, Amit reveals that they travelled for 40 miles on a patch of black ice. “We had to find the right line, as any little error and we’d have fallen with the 300 kg bikes,” he recalls. “It was hard but a magical accomplishment at the end.”

Wasn’t he worried about injuries given that he is in the glamour business?

“I don’t think of all this while riding. Gone are those days when you had to be a pretty boy to be an actor. That’s not the art that I am selling,” he retorts.

And what were the safety measures? “We usually have a first aid box with us, but this time around, the only safety measure we had was our experience,” Amit smiles, saying he wanted this ride to be rough, tough and raw.

In the past, the actor has gone on an expedition to Scotland, the UK and Spiti Valley in Himachal Pradesh.

“From Spiti, we drove to Leh, the most dangerous road in the world as for 100 km we were riding on rocks,” he reminisces even as he gears up for another bike ride, this time from Mumbai to Goa.

The actor who worked with Salman Khan in Sultan, concludes by sharing that the duo bonded over Moto GP as the 54-year-old actor is equally passionate about bikes.

“Salman Bhai has been very encouraging and even gifted me his bicycle. Our talks centre around the gym, bikes and motorbikes,” he signs off, revealing that he plans to go on a cycling trip too, very soon.

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