Jai Mummy Di has got a punch of Delhi and a desi feel to it : Sonnalii Seygall

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She has always spoken to her mind before choosing a film and this is what her films are; a reflection of her choices.  Actress Sonnalli Seygall debut with “Pyaar ka Panchanama”, and successfully played the role, Rhea. Sunny and Sonnalii were a cute couple in “Pyaar Ka Panchnama 2”. After a long time, Sonnalii and  Sunny are back again to the silver screen for “Jai Mummy Di”. And here we are with a sweet and sour conversation with Sonnalli before the release where she shares her experience working with Sunny; her mother’s reaction and lots more. Don’t dare to miss it!

Expresso: Does the title ‘Jai Mummy Di’ have any story behind it?

Sonnalli: There is a fact about the title as the movie director Navjot Gulati earlier made a short film whose title was ‘Jai Mata Di’, and fortunately the film was a huge success. So Luv sir decided to take the title for his feature film. Well, initially it was decided to keep the title as it is, but then he changed it to ‘Jai Mummy Di’ to make it sound more interesting, quirky, relatable, and also to stay away from copyright.

Expresso: How your mother reacted after watching the trailer?

Sonnalli: My mother was quite excited after watching the trailer, and she even accompanied me to the trailer launch as well. She loved the concept and I think teenagers, parents, and everyone will love the movie since it is quite relatable. The film has got a punch of Delhi and a desi feel to it. Also, this is the first time I am working a solo role in the movie so obviously, she is quite excited.

Expresso: Any funny and memorable incident that happened to you and your mother?

Sonnalli: I was quite a well-mannered girl in my childhood whereas my brother was quite naughty. But, the only problem I had was, I use to drop things when I was a kid. All the time I use to drop and break things for which my mother use to scold me. Another funny incident I remember as a kid, my mother was a working woman, and after she left for her work, I and my brother decided to paint the walls with lipstick. I thought that she would praise my artistry but instead, she scolded me.

Expresso: How is your mother in real life?

Sonnalli: I would say that my mother was quite different when I was a kid, as she was quite strict and at the same time she always behaved like my close friend. My brother and I never felt that she is neglecting us even after being a working woman. She always encouraged us to take part in various activities, and even after being strict, she always wanted me to share every secret with her. I was so comfortable in sharing things that my mother eventually became my best friend. Now when I have grown up, we became closer.

Expresso: Did you find any similarity between your real-life mom and reel life mom?

Sonnalli: I could not find any such similarity between my real-life mother and reel life mother as my mother is not at all controlling as you have seen with my reel life mother and she is quite frank. My real-life mother is quite frank and not at all dominating. The only similarity is both of my mothers are protective and both of them cannot listen to anything against me.

Expresso: What is your next project?

Sonnalli: I have worked in many other films like ‘Hijack, ‘Setters, ‘Wedding Pulav’, and others. Currently, I do not have anything that I can disclose, but I have read four scripts, and I will sign for these scripts.

Expresso: Describe your journey in three words.

Sonnalli: Certainly it would be slow, steady, and grateful. The reason behind this is because my journey is definitely slow and it is gradually rising, and of course I am grateful for sure. I want my journey to be quick because I want to get more opportunities and films so that my journey remains steady and quick.

Expresso: How was your experience working with Salman Khan in a Thumbs-Up Advertisement?

Sonnalli: I had a great experience working with Salman Khan. I was quite excited because he has always been my favourite and still now he is.

Expresso: How you felt after meeting Sunny after a long time?

Sonnalli: Our chemistry became better and also we are quite comfortable with each other. You probably know that the characters ‘Chauka’ and ‘Supriya’ from ‘Pyaar Ka Punchnama’ were loved by people. After the poster launch, people were quite happy and excited to see us back together. So, what I love is people still remember the Jodi of ‘Chauka’ and ‘Supriya’, and we do have onscreen chemistry. After three years, we are doing another movie, and the chemistry has become more interesting.

Expresso: Do you relate yourself to the character?

Sonnalli:  I do not relate myself to the character because I am just the opposite of what I played. The only thing that I can say is I would fight for my love and go to different levels to win my love. But, apart from that nothing is similar between me and the character that I played in the movie.

Expresso: Anything that you have not shared with your mother?

Sonnalli: I try to not share anything when I am sad or when I feel low.

Expresso: Describe yourself in a hashtag.

Sonnalli: I would say happy.

Expresso: If not an actor then what would you have become?

Sonnalli: I would have become a yoga teacher if I would not have been an actor.

Expresso: What kind of films would you like to be a part of?

Sonnalli: I want to act in all types of films. You see I haven’t worked in a lot of genres, so I want to work in different genre films.

Expresso: Tell us something about your favourite character that you have portrayed until now?

Sonnalli: It would be ‘Saanjh’. The reason behind this is because before I got the movie, I was looking forward to working in such a character. She has so much positivity and vibrancy in her, and due to this reason, she has become my favourite character.

Expresso: What is the USP of ‘Jai Mummy Di’?

Sonnalli: I would say that it is a relatable movie, and you will find it quite interesting. Also, it is a family movie and I would say as it is the beginning of the year, it would be a great idea to watch such a light and entertaining movie.

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