A Tete-a-Tete with Celebrity Designer Saroj Jalan

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The 22-year-old brand, Saroj Jalan, has been a go-to for luxuriant Indian wear and trousseau shopping due to its timeless silhouettes with perennial embellishments. Heavily inspired by Indian handloom and hand embroidery techniques, the brand has maintained its elegance over the years.

From Bollywood actress Richa Chadha to sports sensation Sania Mirza – Saroj Jalan’s garments make the cut for a variety of tastes!

At The Studio during Lakmé Fashion Week Winter/Festive 2019, Saroj Jalan presented her bridal collection ‘Banji’. Inspired by the carefree and colourful women of the Roma gypsys and Indian Banjara community, the creations reflected the mood of a modern bride. In a quick chat with us celebrity designer Saroj Jalan shares about her brand, collection and experience to working with celeb personalities.

Expresso: What is your latest collection is all about?

Saroj: Well, my latest collection is all about traditional works from around the country. I have used Bandhej from Rajasthan, Dori & Ari Tari from Gujarat and lots more. It’s a blend of traditional culture with modern fashion.

Expresso: What starts your interest in Fashion?

Saroj: I was not into it completely, but from childhood whenever I used to make designs for myself my sisters used to like it. I had my own choice in the matter of clothing and outfits. During my childhood days, my mother and my cousins used to praise me for my work. This gradually brought in me the interest in fashion designing.

Lakme Fashion show culminated with ‘Genelia Deshmukh’ in an intricately designed hand-embroidered bright red lehenga with jacket, walking the runway.

Expresso: Did you always want to have a fashion brand of your own?

Saroj: Of course, I always wanted to have my own fashion brand and here I am today after investing twenty-five years in the fashion industry.

Expresso: What’s your inspiration behind the “Saroj Jalan” label?

Saroj: The ‘Baanji’ collection is completely taken from Banjaara, and I got inspired by Roma Gypsy actually. Although it represents our culture and tradition I added my modern flavour and essence to the overall look and collection.

Expresso: What does fashion means to you?

Saroj: Well, fashion is all about how you can modify things to make it look better and stylish without going too over the top. The modernism that can be put into the tradition to make it more enhanced, for me fashion is like that.

Expresso: Would you please share your experience of working with celebrities?

Saroj: Recently, while working in the Lakme Fashion Week, I worked with a lot of celebrities like Genelia d’ Souza, Radhika Apte, and others. Genelia is such an amazing person, she is quite confident and modern, and the way she pulled off every dress in a perfect manner just like the modern women these days carry their outfit. I was amazed to see the way she carried a traditional outfit with a jacket, which was difficult.

Expresso: Would you like to share any of your achievements or recognition with us?

Saroj: I have received a lot of achievements in Kolkata especially, from the Marwari Society. This time I decided to choose works that will be inspired by different parts of the country like  Gujrat, Rajasthan, and various other work. I have made significant use of the Benarasi fabric as the base material.

Expresso: What would be your piece of advice for the upcoming designers?

Saroj: I would say that no matter which career option you are choosing, you have to be one hundred per cent committed to it and above all, you have to work hard to achieve your dreams.


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