Priyanka Choudhary: I want to do roles that willl find a connect with masses and they can easily relate

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TV actress Priyanka Choudhary, recently changed her name from Pari to Priyanka is looking forward to doing challenging roles both in films and television. Her dream role is the one that Kareena Kapoor played in Jab We Met and Alia Bhatt in Highway.

She says, “Defining a particular role would be a tad bit unfair. Expectations often lead to preconceived notions, and that’s the last thing one wants. Doing a role like Kareena from Jab We Met or Alia Bhatt from Highway would definitely be very interesting. Kareena’s role is similar to how I am as a person, and Alia’s role, on the contrary, would be a challenge as it’s a totally different mindset I would have to adapt too!”

The actress aspires to be remembered for the variety of roles she gets to essay onscreen and mostly the viewers should connect with it.

Priyanka has a great physique and she keeps fit with her regular cardio sessions. She says, “Regular cardio sessions, sleeping on time and no late meals are important.”

The actress has no qualms in wearing a bikini on the screen if the role demands it. She says, “I think it all depends on the script in front of you and vision of the director. If the scene requires a bikini, and it is being depicted in a tasteful manner, I’m okay with it. ”

Finally, Priyanka connects with TV shows that were made a decade back. She says, “I think Indian TV over the years has given us content that’s far better than anything in the shorter format. A Sarabhai vs Sarabhai, Hum Paanch or a Dekh Bhai Dekh would anyway still be popular amongst common people. The TV has its own reach and its own audience. I think we all have to respect that.”

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