Chrismix- A grand star-studded Cake Mixing Ceremony

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Festivities are on. So to pump-up the season more enlivened, Radisson Noida was hosting Specialized Blended Cake to celebrating the vibes of Christmas and art of cake mixing.

Lots of personalities and distinguished guests from various sectors came together over a momentous evening of revelry and merry celebrations.

On that occasion talking about it, Chef Kapil Sahi shares, “This year we had a little twist in this ceremony. We opened the festivities with the little theme around for a Westside base. This is just because to get a Texas & the Cowboy theme to it. That’s how the whole idea came in. Not only that, we also have a great pumped up with the cake mixing team over here.

Chefs have come up with their age-old recipes, spices, the layer of fruits and nuts wherein they came up with their own spice mixing and everything. But this is not just the end, it’s just the inaugural part. There is a lot of festivities’ around the corner. We also have a Christmas Eve, New Year plan and lots more like Friday surprises which will come in December and January. Though I’m new on board, luckily I’m blessed with a very vibrant and young team. This will also help me a lot with the roll-up, with lots of new ideas.’’

It was much ecstatic to see the top quality of liquor brought out by the team to soak in the coated cherries, raisins, and home spices.The air was filled with a strong odour setting in the high spirits and the Christmas season ahead.


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