Sarbani Mukherjee: Transforming Entrepreneurship with the perfect blend of over the edge views

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Sarbani Mukherjee is an eminent feminist and a renowned entrepreneur. Music is her passion as she was fond of music since her childhood. Being a responsible mother, she manages all her responsibilities efficiently. As she is a female entrepreneur, she has to face a lot of challenges.

The society forces women these days to be career-oriented but unlike men, she has to be a mother, homemaker as well as a wife. For a woman, keeping a balance between career along with family takes a lot of efforts.

For Sarbani entrepreneurship was her last thought few years back. But a transformation from a homemaker to an entrepreneur gives a message to every woman that marriage doesn’t put an end to aspirations and dreams. If you have the zeal and potential you can achieve anything and finally she came up with a new avatar, the debut of an author turned filmmaker Ram Kamal Mukherjee’s next movie Seasons Greetings. In a candid chat with Sarbani Mukherjee, she shares her passion for music, her dreams on Assorted Motion Pictures and Karmiq, and being a mother how she manages her responsibilities.

Expresso: Were you interested in singing since childhood?

Sarbani: I know Rabindra Sangeet and I took training from Suchitra Mitra. Singing was something I was very fond of and I have been into singing from the age of seven or eight. I was taking training on Rabindra Sangeet from Suchitra Mitra’s Rabi Tirtha school. From here I completed my graduation and did a diploma in singing.

After Suchitra Mitra’s Rabi tirtha I have trained under Sumitra Chattopadhyay who is also a disciple of Suchitra Mitra. After coming to Mumbai when songs were being selected for ‘Season’s Greetings’, I was associated since I knew about the diction part. So I guided them on the diction part. I am grateful to Ram, Aritra and Shailendra since they requested me to sing the song in the female version.

Expresso: Who is your inspiration in this musical journey?

Sarbani: All of my family members inspired me throughout my musical journey. When my mother decided to teach me Rabindra Sangeet everybody supported her. She wanted me to either learn singing and dancing, and I was more into singing always.

Expresso: Can we see anything new after ‘Seasons Greetings’?

Sarbani: I have to look after my production house as well as my family so still now I haven’t thought of anything new regarding songs or something like that. But yes if I get a chance then I will move forward with singing.

Expresso: Being a mother how are you handling everything efficiently?

Sarbani: Actually, both of my families are quite supportive, and apart from that since Ram and Aritra are in this field we always try to share the workload. Even in my production house, I have a partner with whom I do the same thing. Since we divide the work between us it becomes easy for me to invest time for my personal life as well as my company.

Expresso: According to you what is the best thing about motherhood?

Sarbani: Explaining motherhood in one line or one word is quite difficult. It’s just that it feels extremely beautiful, and proud to see your child growing, step by step growing, his grooming. The understanding between me and him is quite flexible, and honestly, I am quite enjoying this motherhood. I give time to him, watch upon his creativity, his studies everything. So all in all its a journey which I am cherishing actually.

Expresso: What will be your message to the audience for ‘Seasons Greetings’?

Sarbani: I would say that everyone above the age of eighteen must watch this movie. It does not just focus on Article 377 or LGBTQIA but it also throws light on any kind of relationship between two persons, the way they communicate, their understanding. Also, the movie pays a huge tribute to Rituparno Ghosh and people who have watched his movies will surely find elements in the movie. We have uniquely framed every part of the movie, and Ram was close to Rituparno Ghosh and every time he tried to bring out something different from him.

Expresso: Where do you want to see Karmic and Assorted Motion Pictures in the next five years?

Sarbani: Karmic is my brand, and I handle every PR for my production house, Assorted Motion Pictures. As a production house, if we can maintain the concept that we come up with like the ‘Cakewalk’ which is different from other movies, then I am sure we will hit in the minds of people, and become popular as the production house that frames new concepts and ideas for movies. So if we can continue the journey then I am sure that we will reach recognition within five years.

Expresso: What are your upcoming projects?

Sarbani: We have completed two new projects one is ‘Broken Frame’ which is one of the short stories of Ram Kamal Mukherjee. It is based on eight stories of ‘Long Island Iced Tea’ that was released two years back. Another one is ‘Rickshawala’, and both are completed and at present, we are shooting for another film. Next, we will work on ‘Subho Bijoya’ which was earlier announced on social media. After that one of the biggest movies that will be releasing next year is ‘Noti Binodini’ so these are the few lineups.

Expresso: Describe yourself in three words?

Sarbani: mother, working woman, associate producer.

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