Bala isn’t about receding hairline but also self-love: Ayushmann

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By Rituparna Sengupta Basu

Versatile is a word which associates with Ayushmann Khurrana. He has always managed to audience heart with his unique charming engaging performances. Apart from Bala the actor has two films ‘Gulabo Sitabo’ and ‘Shubh Mangal Zyada Saavdhan’ in the pipeline. According to him, the idea is to present a common man in a realistic manner since all through these years we have seen perfect actors in movies. In an interview, the actor talks about his recent film Bala, why he goes for this subject and more on.

Expresso: Why you say to yes for Bala?

Picture courtesy: Honey Kundra

Ayushmann: I got an offer for four subjects having a similar concept. But I convinced for this movie because of this nice concept. Director Amar Kaushik and producer Dinesh Vijan nicely presented the truth to the audience. Well, I want to clear one thing about the Bala, that a single concept can be developed by more at the same time. Well, some people change their mind and come up with other ideas whereas others sticked to the same idea and made a similar movie. We can wish them luck. All I can say is we have made this movie with honesty and I think you will understand after watching the movie.

Expresso: What about the preparations that you took for the movie?

Ayushmann: Preparation should not be taken just physically, but empathetic preparations are also necessary. It is important to be empathetic towards people who face the problem of receding hairline. Generally, there are two kinds of people who have complex due to the problem and others who are quite positive and confident with it. The confident ones focus on their talents and are successful as well. So our movie is mostly based on self-love and the transition which Bala goes from complex character to the confident one.

Expresso: What kind of challenges did you face for this character?

Picture Courtesy: Honey Kundra

Ayushmann: The only challenge that I faced was due to the prosthetics which were used for the character. It used to take more than an hour to get ready. When I saw myself for the first time in that look I was quite surprised and it took about four to five days to make a rapport with my look. As I said earlier, empathy is very important and a lot of friends are there who are suffering from the problem of receding hairline. Two kinds of people are there, the ones who remain with the complex and the ones who try to focus on other aspects. So what matters is your personality and your hair doesn’t decide it. Working on your body, gathering knowledge can help you in overcoming the problem.

Expresso: How do you react to stardom now especially after doing all the hit movies? Do you agree on the definition of a hero has changed in the new age cinema and has become more relatable?

Ayushmann: I had to make my career as a refill guy so I had to be relatable and couldn’t let myself carried away by stardom. I am the kind of guy who likes connecting people and at first I was an anchor and then I turned out to be an actor. The idea is to present a common man in a realistic manner since all through these years we have seen perfect actors in movies. This is quite aspirational for the common men to reach here and also it is hard to achieve too. It is the same thing which I do while working in the films, we try to glorify the imperfections try to keep the common man in front of the audience and celebrate the imperfections which gives confidence to the common man.

Picture Courtesy: Honey Kundra

Expresso:  You mention that you are going to take two months break from the movie. Is it true?

Ayushmann: It’s just a normal vacation I guess as already two of my movies ‘Gulabo Sitabo’ and ‘Shubh Mangal Zyada Saavdhan’ are ready which is coming up next year. So I cannot just take two months to break all of a sudden.

Expresso: Suddenly there is huge depression among men regarding premature baldness. So does this film will help them in getting back their confidence?

Ayushmann: I think depression can be caused due to any complex your weight, your skin tone, height and almost anything and the film is not just about receding hairline or baldness. According to me a human being is filled with complexes and the depression doesn’t just occur because of baldness. All you have to do is focus on your strengths and bring out the best version of you and do all those things that give you immense happiness.

Expresso: How will you deal with hair fall issues in real life?

Ayushmann: Actually I am quite blessed genetically and it depends on how you will deal with it. We all know Rajnikant and he is a megastar. So, he maintains his originality when he comes in front of the people and changes his look only during movies. Sometimes it becomes difficult to gain that confidence and Rajnikant is one of the greatest inspiration. I guess I will follow the same path and only come up with changes as per my character if I suffer from hair fall issues.

Expresso: This month is extremely special for you since your song is going to release and Bala well…

Ayushmann: Actually I am quite excited for this month and the new song that is coming up its an original song. Already we have made two remakes in the movie till now but the song is really beautiful.



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