Is your skin ready for festive season? Get glow and shiny with these effective tips

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By Aishwarya Biswas, The Owner of Auli

Pujo celebrations are closer than you think. We’re sure you’ve already thought about what you’ll be wearing. But what about your skin? Have you prepared it for the upcoming festivities? Whether it’s for festivities or parties in the months ahead, looking your best begins with your skin long before you can apply makeup.

AULI-the one-stop “organic” solution for all our skin/hair problems, the most effective, unique, lush skin and hair products, and most importantly, the one which caters to the need of every Indian’s skin type, brings to you 5 tips that you MUST follow, to keep your skin healthy, and glowing inside out this Pujo.

  • SUNSCREEN is your skin’s best friend. It can protect your skin from harmful UVA & UVB rays; which result is sun allergies, extreme tanning, uneven skin tone, and also premature ageing. Applying sunscreen every day will keep most of your skin related problems, at bay.
  • Always EXFOLIATE. Exfoliation does not only remove dirt, pollutants, and tan off your skin, leaving it fresh and clean; but it also increases blood circulation, the elasticity of your skin and the production of collagen, which together improves the natural quality of your skin.
  • Your skin cannot do without NOURISHMENT. Just the way water is an essential form of nourishment for your body, a good diet followed by a face mask or pack, provides much-needed nourishment to your skin. This will improve the texture of your skin, and give it an unbelievable glow.
  • Puffy eyes, with visible dark circles; are a big no for the festivities. You cannot look tired, even before you already are. Also, why hide all that, with makeup, when you can get rid of it? An under-eye gel REPAIRS the sensitive affected area under your eyes. It brightens the eye area, hydrates it and retains its natural quality; leaving you looking fresh and beautiful.
  • Scars, spots, and unwanted patches should not take away your festive looks. Make sure you use the suitable cleanser, toner, and moisturizer; to keep your acne, rash and allergy scars far away from your skin. A daily CTM routine keeps your skin looking as good as new!

Now, stop everything else, and make sure you follow these easy steps to bring out the best in your skin this festive season.



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