Sylvia has taught me a lot as it is such a precious character to me: Elli AvrRam

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By Rituparna Sengupta Basu

Elli AvrRam has grown up in Tyresökommun, Stockholm. She received training in acting from her Swedish mother who is an actress that has worked with legendary director Ingmar Bergman in the 4 Oscar-winning movies Fanny and Alexander. Elli has worked on multiple projects. She acted as Selen in the Swedish drama film ‘FörbjudenFrukt’, Mickey Virus, KisKiskoPyaarKaroon, Naam Shabana, Poster Boys (special appearance with the song KudiyaShehar Di), Baazaar (Special appearance with the song Billionaire) and Fraud Saiyaan (Special appearance with the song ChammaChamma).

She also has her debut in South films coming up, Paris Paris (Tamil) and Butterfly (Kannada).Post-ChammaChamma that became a sensational hit with over 200 million views, Elli has been seen in a music video called ‘HaayeOye’ that’s been trending on all platforms. She hosted the stand-up comedy reality show The Great Indian Laughter Challenge, in Hindi with Akshay Kumar. Elli AvrRam has done two reality shows as a contestant in Bigg Boss 7 (2013) and JhalakDikhhlaJaa 7 as a guest appearance for the Teen KaTadka episode (2014).  Now she working on web series “The Verdict-State vs Nanavati” which will be hit on the web platform very soon. Expresso caught her to know more about the series and their character in deep.

 Expresso: You are working on The Verdict-State vs Nanavati. So briefly explain your character to us that you are playing in this web original.

Elli AvrRam: I have finished working on it and right now we are doing the promotion. My character name is Sylvia Nanavati which is a very beautiful role that I have got to portray. I think she is a very beautiful woman, vulnerable and with a very strong character, someone who doesn’t believe in the society rules. Moreover, you can say that she is very much real and true to herself. That’s all I can say.

Expresso: You have portrayed so many characters. How is this different from others?

Elli AvrRam: Previously, I haven’t really portrayed character like this. Actually the first time I’m doing a show like this which is pure drama show. And I’m playing a character which is full of emotion that we all have gone through our entire life. Like I said she is a vulnerable young lady. Also, this the first time I’m playing the role of a mother with three children.  So it’s quite different and unique from what I’ve done before. Earlier I have been in a glam page and this is not like that and is completely the opposite from what I usually do.

Expresso: What is the most challenging thing that you faced in The Verdict-State vs Nanavati?

Elli AvrRam: I was very nervous to play such a bold character on the screen. There is a scene in the courtroom where I have to read out a love letter which I had written to my lover Prem and I had to do to this in real life, in front of everyone. While I was reading it, I had to gradually start crying and in the end, break into tears after finishing reading it as you saw in the trailer. Not only this, I had done the scene in front of all the crew members, junior artists and many other people present in the set, so I found it quite challenging but at last it went very well.

Expresso: Congratulation on your song Chamma Chamma, Haaye Oye. Please throw some light on how you got a chance for the songs. Apart from ChammaChamma which song you wish to be a part of?

Elli AvrRam: I just got approached for the song as the makers wanted to have me for it and I was excited about it too. For now, I would love to be part of the song Tip Tip Barsa Paani.

Expresso: In recent time a TV show you like the most?

Elli AvrRam: I don’t watch TV currently that much.

Expresso: Which of your film have learnt you lot?

Elli AvrRam: My role of Sylvia has taught me a lot as it is such a precious character to me. I have discovered so much about myself while doing this role which I haven’t found earlier. So this work of mine is very close to mine.

Expresso: If not an actress what would you be?

Elli AvrRam: Actually I haven’t thought about this earlier, I really don’t know. Maybe I would be an actress only. But I would still be in the artistic world for sure.

Expresso: Any of your recent favourite web series?

Elli AvrRam: It would be ‘Typewriter’ for sure as I am acting in it.

Expresso: Tell us about your upcoming project?

Elli AvrRam: Well, it is an upcoming show on Amazon and an upcoming Bollywood movie which I can’t disclose as of now.

Expresso: Describe yourself in three words?

Elli AvrRam: I would say emotional, mysterious and strong.

Expresso: Tell us about your favourite character that you’ve done before?

Elli AvrRam: That definitely would be Sylvia Nanavati without any doubt.






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