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By Rituparna Sengupta Basu

Romantic drama Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas which recently hit the screen, directed by Sunny Deol and produced by Sunny Sounds Pvt Ltd and Zee Studios jointly. Debutants Karan Deol and Sahher Bambba took the lead in this film. Before releasing the film team Pal Pal Dil Ke Pass came to Capital for their promotion where they spoke about their experience, their fun to working within this movie in details. Expresso catches up with them in a candid conversation.

Expresso: What is behind the scene story for the title track of the movie?

Sunny Deol: ‘Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas’ is a very well-known song in the 70’s. It is one of the favourite songs of all as well as my father’s too and it was from the movie ‘Blackmail’. I think it is considered as the love anthem. I didn’t want to use the original song in my movie because that can ruin the genuineness of the actual song. So we are working on a new song which can do justice to the old one. That’s why I expressed my thought with Sachet-Parampara, Rishi Rich, Siddharth-Garima and other team members. We were in Manali, there the tune was made first and the words were written later. I just wanted to keep the lyrics simple, understandable. That’s how the song was made and shot. Our only goal was just like the old Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas song the new one should be appreciable by all.

Expresso: This was the one of the favourite song of Dharmendra sir. Does he have any contribution in the making of this song?

Sunny Deol: I wanted to build a connection between him and his grandson that’s why I chose the title ’Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas’. Just like earlier, I didn’t want any of our family members to come in between these two young newcomers.

Expresso: Apart from father you are also a director. How you treat Karan on set, as a father or a director while on sets?

Sunny Deol: The father only came in front only when his son wants to debut in the movie. The next job was to approach the directors for his debut but nothing was concrete. Then I decided to direct him. After that, we were working on a story that can be suitable for both the newcomers. Finally, when all the things were getting assembled, the role of a director began. And I’m a very humble director; I want the ambience to be good, calm because I have gone through the same situation as they are going through now. The noisy situation of a set can hamper the performance of an actor. That’s why I wanted my set’s atmosphere to be very homely and friendly to bring out the best from an actor. Yes, that true that I had to take multiple shots since I know that the actor has the more zeal to give better performance. I also wanted them to learn things of acting without any rush like me.

Expresso: Like your father, you also started your career in a romantic drama. And your father ended up becoming an action hero. Do you also want to enter into that genre later maybe?

Karan Deol: As of now I love to do a lot of variety of things in the movie and as of now my mind is not set for a specific genre.  As an actor, you love to come out of your comfort zone and you want to get to a different high while working with various characters. So I would like to do a variety of roles but I also love action movies, let’s see what happens in the future.

Expresso: What kind of difficulties did you face while working on the film? In short, how’s the experience?

Karan Deol: Before doing the stunts I was taking training in Manali for 4-5 months to understand the area, I am a guy from Mumbai and I was playing a character from Himachal so, I had to understand the people of Manali. The people over there are so happy and they love their lives over there and are so easy going. I wanted to make the scenes seem that it is my second nature after staying and training over there for 4-5 months. But after all the hard work, it was a nice sense of accomplishment. While looking at the whole process, I am proud of the work I have put in and at the end, it makes me a better person and a better actor.

Expresso: To become an actor, was it your decision or your fathers?

Karan Deol: The decision was mine and my father never put me in any position that he didn’t want me to be. He is like whatever choices you have in your life I’ll support you a hundred per cent.

Expresso: The first day of your shooting experiences, were you nervous?

Karan Deol: When you put in front of the camera on the very first day, you feel useless, all your training become zero and that’s how I felt. Initially, I felt that I can easily do the scene, but I couldn’t. I actually broke down to tears. In my mind, I thought ‘I can’t do the scene’. But luckily the next day was better.

Expresso: Dharmendra Sir and your father make a good impression in this industry. As it is your first film do you feel any pressure?

Karan Deol: The thing is that, if I would have thought about any pressure then, I cannot do my work properly. While shooting for the movie, my only concern is to define the character properly on the screen. So I gave my100% to this character and the movie, I didn’t think of any personal baggage. Obviously every child wants their mother and father to be proud and happy, now it’s my turn to repay them back. I am not sure to do I ever do that but at least I can try.

Expresso: In your family you have superstars; there is Dharam Sir, Sunny Sir, and Bobby Sir. Recently you said sometimes you got too many advices. Whose advice do you feel is the best?

Karan Deol: I think they are all the best in their own way. I think it’s best to take all of their advice and mould it into your own individuality. All of the advice is priceless as they are all successful in their own field. So, you can’t just differentiate one advice from the others. I think that’s why it’s my turn to take them all together and mould into my own individuality.

Expresso: As it is your first movie who is that one young actor inspired you the most?

Karan Deol: I think that is Vicky Kaushal for sure. The variety of roles he is doing is amazing. The pieces of stuff he is doing and pushing the boundaries that are commendable. It would be a blessing to work with him.

Expresso: This is your first movie, so how was the experience working with Karan and Sunny sir?

Sahher: It was really amazing and now when I look back, I think I have some amazing memories. It has been an emotional journey altogether and before that, I didn’t have any acting experience and whatever I have learnt; it’s all because of Sunny sir. This film has taught me a lot as Karan has mentioned, patience is something that I have learned while shooting. I made a lot of friends in the process and we are all like a small family now.

Expresso:  Your family have superstars and they are all from a film background. With whom you have the best bonding- your grandfather or father? Can you share any moment regarding this?

Karan Deol: Of course with my father. While doing this film we became closer to each other. Moreover, we share a different type of communication and we understand each other better. I look up to my father that he has never given up in any situation while shooting. In spite of all the negativity, he always stood tall and faced it and I think that is life, you should move up to the positivity.

Expresso: Do you feel any pressure as you are directing and producing in this movie? You also launched your son in the film too, was it very different from what you actually do, does it feel any difference?

Sunny Deol: It’s not that different, yet we launched two young stars. There is a small pressure because it’s now my duty to make them look good on screen and also help them to build their career. They have full faith in me so I have to justify their beliefs. Until and unless the movie is loved by all, the pressure remains the same. But the pressure can’t affect my work to carry these two young stars to move forward.

Expresso:  How much Dharmendra sir contributed with this movie?

Sunny Deol: As we are a joint family, everybody has contributed in their own way. My father always has faith in me whenever I do something new. The same thing happened when I went to make Ghayal. When I want to do some innovative work he always gives me the best advice and if he says okay that’s all for me.

Expresso: Any advice that your father gave to you at the time of ‘Betaab’, which you passed on Karan??

Sunny Deol: There is nothing like that, it’s not even the form of a lecture. The main thing is the environment that we are growing up. I only asked him one question, ‘Are you strong enough to face this world?’ Because it is not like the other profession, in other professions your life is secure but in this field, every day is different from another. So if you have that strength to take those things then only you can succeed. That’s call life.

Expresso: You are a gaming lover, which are the upcoming games that you are looking forward? What are your thoughts about India’s gaming culture?

Karan Deol: There are many of them; I can’t tell you the exact names. I think it’s growing now slowly but steadily, like PUBG on the mobile which I play whenever I get free and I also bought years ago Xbox One X, Borderland 3 is also out. It’s basically an exciting phase as the new games were launching.

Expresso: What’s your thoughts about web series?

Sunny Deol: I would say it’s a golden period for the actors and each and every person who was attached to it. The thoughts become very vast on that platform. On the basis of the overseas web series, the web series made in India is content-wise very strong since as an actor it lets you enter into the depth of it for a longer period. It’s a good opportunity for the entire creative artist out there.  And I am sure if I get worth the opportunity with working on that platform I will be very glad.

Expresso:  If you want to pick up anyone quality from Dharmendraji, Sunnyji and Bobbyji. What will you choose?

Karan Deol: As per my dad’s concern his quality of never give up is unquestionable, Bobby chacha is also pushing ahead and he is a great dancer. Hopefully, I’ll be as good as him one day. My dada is very loving and caring, he will take his time out for the person he loves most and he is so patient with everyone. He says no to anyone.

Expresso: What are your expectation from the audiences and what message will you give them?

Karan Deol: My expectation from the audiences is I hope they all love the movie because the whole unit was worked very hard. So many people have given their all to this movie, hopefully, you enjoy the output when you exit from the theatre after watching the movie.

Expresso: Your father is like over the shadow of Dharam sir. How do you plan to overcome it and become your own?

Karan: If you see a couple of movies of me then only you can realize my own individuality.

Expresso: How do you express your thoughts with Karan in between your time and present time?

Sunny Deol: The industry has become very bigger nowadays the awareness also vast these days. The flow of entertainment is also increasing; the number of channels is increasing too. As per my thoughts, this is a universe and everybody is shining. So there is a space for everybody. For me just put yourself over there and enjoy your journey.

Expresso: As your film release on the 20th, what’s your message to the audiences?

Sunny Deol: You guys are always been kind with us like with my father, then with me and my brothers. I hope you guys spread the same love and affection with these two new guys and give a lot of blessings to them as well since they are new and need encouragement in this field. Then it’s up to you, your views whether you like them or hate them.





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