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By Rituparna Sengupta Basu

Little Things, an Indian web series, has created an exuberant expectation among the audiences in the digital space. This web series has been loved and appreciated by everyone. The story revolves around the lives of a young live-in couple who is just like your next-door neighbour. It is indeed quite a fascinating story with which every young couple can relate. Dhruv Sehgal is the writer and actor of this simple story told in the digital format. Expresso had caught up with Dhruv to find more about the man behind the series and more about Little Things.

Expresso: Tell us about your life after  Little Things?

Dhruv:  Nothing much has changed in my life after the success of Little Things and I am the same person as before. Yes, there is a bit of fame and an equal pressure to match the expectations of the audience. There is also some nervousness regarding producing good materials. I hope that I have been able to change the perceptions of young people in general on how they perceive things. I relate to them in that level which helps me to build relations.

Expresso: Are you excited that your show has been picked up by Netflix?

Dhruv:  Of course I am pretty excited and overwhelmed about it because through Netflix my work will reach out to a wider audience. As a writer, you create a story behind closed doors and suddenly you find that it has reached millions of people. I am also thankful to my audiences and to the circumstances in my life which made this series happen.

Expresso: How did this Netflix opportunity come to you?

Dhruv: Netflix had seen our episodes from Season 1 and they approached us after watching it. By that time, we have already started making Season 2 of the series and we grabbed the opportunity without any delay.

Expresso: How do you relate yourself in Little Things?

Dhruv: I relate a lot with my character in Little Things. I can say, I am a mixture with 50% of Kavya’s character and 50% of Dhruv’s character ingrained in me. Everything that has happened to them, the same things also happened with some time in my life. You can say I’m in a relationship with my character.

Expresso: What does relationship mean to you?

Dhruv: Relationship is synonymous with freedom for me. It can be freedom of mind, freedom to express your feelings and what do you want from life in general. It is the respect and dignity of a person which matters more than freedom.

Expresso: You also write the series apart from acting in it. What do you adore most, acting or writing?

Dhruv: I am foremost a writer, so I enjoy writing the most. I always find myself in a comfort zone whenever I think of writing something but of course I also enjoy acting. You also get used to the people around you in the process and realize the importance of working as a team.

Expresso: What made you write Little Things?

Dhruv: There are some stories which I have read and some shows that I have watched which helped me a lot regarding my write up. I was inspired by the story written by Anton Chekhov which is based on the everyday life of ordinary human beings. I relate a lot with this story as I also believe in everyday life and the normal things that happen around us. Actually, through Little Things, I am just appreciating the everydayness of life.

Expresso: Would you care to comment on the recent scenario of web series across India?

Dhruv: The web series has been a great platform to explore new talents. In this space, you get to see many talents which you have never seen before. Bollywood is not the only option today to showcase your talent. A lot of people are getting employed in this digital space like new actors, directors, cinematographers, etc. You will see a lot of diverse views being expressed through this platform and it has given scope to new talents to express their identity.

Expresso: What do you have to say about your co-actor Mithila Palkar and how was the chemistry between you two?

Dhruv: Basically, we are two diametrically opposite personalities, for example, if she is Sachin Tendulkar then I am Rahul Dravid. She’s quite god gifted and we both worked very hard for the series. I have learned a lot from her by observing her acts from a close quarter. We both have been working together for a long time and so, we know each other as a human being. These are the things which helped to elevate our chemistry when we work together.

Dhruv Sehgal

Expresso: Who is your inspiration in life?

Dhruv: Many people have been my inspiration, for example, Rahul Dravid is a very big inspiration for me. Currently, scriptwriter Juhi Chaturvedi is one of the biggest inspirations in my life. I am also quite a fan of actress Alia Bhatt.

Expresso: What has been your biggest achievement to date?

Dhruv: Yes, I have indeed achieved some form of recognition for my work but personally for me, the achievement for me is something which should be closer to your heart. I made a short film Kunal, three or four years back which revolves around the life of one man who invents the radio. That film is very close to my heart and I am thankful from the bottom of my heart for getting the opportunity to make this film.

Expresso: How do you want to see yourself 5 years from now?

Dhruv: I want to see myself playing a much more effective role as per the state of the country is concerned. I hope that I will be able to do that and nobody will raise questions about my work and for me. Frankly speaking, I want to be a responsible person than a better writer 5 years from now.

Expresso: Apart from your travelling to various countries due to your parent’s job, you always called yourself ‘Delhiwala launda’. Can you please elaborate on this statement?

Dhruv: Delhi has left a vast inspiration in my life since my childhood in every aspect. I firmly believe that I am more of a Delhiwala in spite of visiting other places in the world. I can relate to being a Delhiwala more than anyone else. There is a lot of connection between me and this city.

Expresso: Mark yourself on the wittiest scale of 1 to 10?

Dhruv: I think I am extremely witty so 9 would be my perfect score.

Expresso: Describe yourself in a hashtag?

Dhruv: It would be #stillsearching.







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