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At the hint of rains, our timelines on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are quickly updated with how much, how long and how heavy the rains were, to be quickly followed by a list of wishes of different dishes that make a good side order to the rains. Of course, the most fun aspect of this season is foods which complement the petrichor and warm our hearts and souls. There’s something about a cold, wet and rainy evening that produces a vacuum in the pit of your tummy that can only be filled by the comforting bowl or plate of carbohydrates.

So relieving you from the crucial heat of the summers, Echoes, the unique café managed by deaf and mute staffs, located at Topsia, which is the fourth outlet after Delhi and Bangalore, has introduced a special Monsoon & Mor Menu so that all of us can have a reason to celebrate the season with a variety of dishes. Echoes are not only giving us a reason to celebrate Monsoons but also elevating our urges to have the delicacies that can keep our senses alive throughout the year. This monsoon menu is chiefly about comfort foods.


The menu offers us with a list of mouth-watering dishes such as Bun Maska with Chai plus Parle G, Famous Wale Chole Kulche, Pao Bhaji Makkhan Marke, Chilli Chicken Burger, Chilli Paneer Burger, Chilli Chicken Pizza and Chilli Paneer Pizza. Not only these, but the menu also comprises of some refreshing and delicious beverages such as Pan Shake, Aam Panna, Strawberry Fizzy Wizzy and last but not the least, Mango Fizzy Wizzy.

This menu takes care of your special delights, to ease your cravings, and shower your taste-buds with scrumptious flavours and fragrances. So what are you waiting for? Let’s make this gala time even more exciting, by having these magical dishes, this Monsoon only at Echoes.

What: Monsoon and Mor Menu
Where: Haute Street Corporate Park, 86A, Topsia Road Sixth Floor, Kolkata, West Bengal 700046
Timings: 12:30 PM – 12 AM
Tenure: 20th July – 31st August
Pocket Pinch: Rs. 69/- to Rs. 379/- +taxes



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