Chimichurri Sizzling Chicken

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Chimichurri serves Pan Asian cuisine which comprises of delights from countries like Japan, China, Malaysia, SriLanka, Thailand, Singapore and more.  Asian cuisine has off late gained a lot of popularity in India, thanks to liberal travel laws. People have explored these countries and also have started loving these cuisines. This gaining popularity thrilled us to come up with this scrumptious dining destination, Chimichurri!  The Chef Mr Kalyan Rai, Head Chef of Chimichurri share with us his recipe  CHIMICHURRI SIZZLING CHICKEN


Chicken Breast 0.120

Pak Choy               0.025

Broccoli                   0.020

Black Mushroom  0.015

Chimmichurri sauce    

Corriander Leaves           0.005

Spring Onions   0.010

Ginger  0.005

Green chillies     0.005

Garlic     0.010

Soya Sauce        0.003

Salt        0.001

Sugar    0.003

Aromat   0.002

Oil           0.005

Cabbage              0.010

Mushroom Oyster sauce              0.020

Crushed Black Pepper   0.005

Recipe: Thinly slice the chicken breast and marinate the same with chopped ginger, garlic and green chillies. Set aside. Make a coarse sauce with the ingredients provided as it is the version of ASIAN CHIMICHURRI SAUCE. Clean, parboil and blanch the veggies include broccoli, pok choy and black mushrooms. Heat the wok and add chopped ginger and garlic and toss the marinated chicken. Once half cooked add the veggies to the same and toss it. Get the sizzler plate ready to serve the Chimichurri chicken sizzling. Add the required amount of chimichurri sauce to the chicken and veggies and toss it on a high flame Serve the chicken sizzling hot garnished with a sprig of coriander

It’s a perfect cuisine. Carve it up and eat it fresh, drizzled with a bit of leftover chimichurri.


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