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Cypress Sage Shampoo For Women

With the summers at bay and monsoon arriving with its full swing, hair care is a very important factor during the season. Rain and humidity are the two factors that affect the hair deeply and thus leaves it to look less shiny. Hair gets exposed to bacterial fungus infection. Dry hair is also a major factor which results in a huge hair fall which no one wants to confront ever.

So, especially for this monsoon season, Abstract Naturals, the bathing products company, has recently introduced their new line of products not only for women but men as well. The company is 100% Cruelty-free, vegan with no harmful chemicals used in the products at all.

For Women :

Carrot Birch Shampoo: Beta-carotene present in carrot extract prevents split ends and hair breakage. Birch has antiseptic properties and acts as an anti-bacterial and antifungal medicine. Parsley maintains the balance of oil in hair and its high concentration of vitamin c promotes the absorption of iron to boost production of red blood cells.

Carrot Birch Shampoo For Women


Cypress Sage Shampoo: Sage contains Vitamin A, C and B Complex as well as antiseptic and astringent components which reduce hair loss, diminish greasiness and improve hair follicle formation. Cypress helps in reducing hair loss and quash bacterial infections. Basil provides a natural solution to pre-existing infection by boosting the immune system. It has also been observed inhibiting strains of bacteria resistant to antibiotics.

For Men 

Eucalyptus Thyme Shampoo: Antioxidants in thyme protect the skin from environmental stressors. Peppermint extract provides nutrients, minerals, fatty acids and menthol that cools the scalp, eliminate dandruff and fights lice. Eucalyptus extract improves blood circulation and repairs dormant hair follicles to stimulate growth.

Avocado Jojoba Shampoo For Men

Avocado Jojoba Shampoo: Vitamin A, D and E in Avocado promote healthy skin and new hair follicles. Vitamin E, C and B and Copper and Zinc in Jojoba detoxify the scalp and fight hair loss while adding strength and shine to the hair. Sandalwood extract acts as an antiseptic medicine, stimulating blood circulation and preventing dryness.

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