White tattoo latest trends in 2019

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By Sunny Bhanushali

You may have seen or heard about white ink tattoos before, but you may still be confused about what they are exactly, and how they’re made. While the very large majority of tattoos are made up primarily of black and coloured inks, white ink tattoos contain nothing but the single white ink colour. This form of body-art is generally seen as being much more delicate and subtle compared to most other ‘standard’ tattoos.

White Ink Tattoos are aesthetically rare and undoubtedly a feast to the eyes. They’re not only subtle but the greatest curiosity builders. They will surprise you in UV light as the white ink prominently glows. They’re popular among both men and women due to their delicate structure. The white tattoo is a trending tattoo in 2019. The calligraphy that would give you that effect which a black tattoo wouldn’t.

They’re distinctive and require a lot more effort in the making and maintaining. These tattoos look more like texture on your skin, rather than design. They are described as lace textures on the skin. This makes it very clear that it’s important to find an expert tattoo artist as if your tattoo isn’t done right then you could literally go white.

It must be noted that white tattoos aren’t visible from a distance, although they’re usually misinterpreted so. This subtle effect of white tattoos is rather what sets it apart from the rest. It must also be noted that white tattoos should be saved from sunlight because the more exposure to sunlight and the tattoo would lose its natural colour.

Ideally, it’s recommended to moisturize your tattoo every day and to keep the skin well-nourished and hydrated.

Even though it’s said that white tattoos are appealing on all skin tones it must be noted that white ink responds differently and appears different on various types of skin tones. White Tattoos are soon gonna create quite some buzz when it comes to the tattoo trends as they set themselves apart from even the most unique tattoo concepts. They are not known to most people yet and can be your way to make a statement.”

The prices of white tattoos are no different than that of black tattoos. It’s just the white ink used instead of black. So the charges depend upon the hours that we spend on your tattoo. We charge 4-6k per hour.

Traditionally, white ink in tattooing aids in highlighting the bright colours of the tattoo design by adding depth and light balance to the colours. This is also why it is one of the last pigments to be applied by the artist, meaning to say, it is mainly used for the purpose of highlighting only.

Decorative patterns look amazing in white ink. Think about filigree and lace. It’s a subtle decoration on your body, you see it, but play with mixing white ink with other colours (you can have some nice lettering and leave a letter black, while all the others are white, or you can do the same with symbols.) You can also re-think about getting branded. Get a white tattoo instead, because the result will look pretty similar, without the pain and the super long healing times.

What you should know before getting white ink a tattoo:

  1. Chose the right artist for the job, if you want a white ink tattoo, then you should choose an artist who is experienced in creating them. If you decide to choose somebody who has never created a white ink tattoo in their life then it’s extremely likely your tattoo is going to turn out far from how you expected it to.
  2. Chose a design that will complement the white ink. You should definitely choose a tattoo design that you are sure will turn out looking great in white ink. Remember, white tattoos are more difficult to create and therefore, the simpler the design, the higher the likelihood it’s going to turn out looking better.
  3. Visualize what your tattoo may look like down the line. White ink tattoos generally fade faster than normal tattoos. Because of how light they are, white inks tend to be the first to fade as the tattoages, for this reason, you need to be well aware before getting your tattoo that 20 years down the line, you may have nothing left of your once-awesome tattoo.

White ink tattoos for the Indian skin tone. Darker skin is perfect for white ink tattoos. The white ink stands out better, and can really pop if done by a good artist, due to the huge a larger difference in contrast between the darker skin pigments and the white pigments of the ink.

While lighter skin or tanned skin presents less contrast between itself and a white ink tattoo compared to darker/black skin, the tattoo can still look impressive if done correctly. With dark skin, tattoo discolouration becomes less of an issue due to the contrast between areas continuing to remain high. For this reason, the human eye will still generally see off-white ink as a nice bright white, even if it’s not, due to the vast difference in tone when compared to its darker surroundings.


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