Kolkata once again raises its style mantra with the echo of the old in the new

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By Rituparna Sengupta Basu

The City of Joy has always been known for its uber cool fashion sense and being up to date with trends around the world, which is why the city has produced some of the finest designers who are not only famous in the country but globally as well. The newest addition to that constellation is Designer Shreya J Mehta, who has recently launched her elegant label of the same name.

The label resonates with the echo of the old in the new. The designs originating from Shreya represents all things timeless, a small piece of you that lives on forever. The studio located in Bhawanipur, covering around 1200sq ft area, exhibits unique designs which came into existence with the intention of providing fit, finish and comfort to the women who know what they want.

The wide range of fashion wear available at the studio will include bustier with pantsuits, 20 yards ghera anarkalis, hand embroidered sarees, sheer organza overlays, jackets, dhoti pants, pleated skirts and much more.

The 3D hand embroidery is the uniqueness of the brand for imaginative strategies and techniques have been executed to create 3D flowers, thereby creating an effect mimicking flowers exceptionally near ones found in nature. Another exquisite feature of the brand is the hand painted designs which have been provided for people who see fashion as a form of art and expression and not only a way to appear to be unique.

The designer’s affinity towards celebrating imperfections resonates strongly in the techniques and subtleties she uses to make her pieces. Her solid conviction is breaking the monotony that people believe fashion is. “People today see fashion as something that a celebrity wears. I want everyone to believe that fashion is also just draping cloth around the body and carrying it with confidence and grace. It’s something that makes you comfortable in your own skin, something that has expression and voice of the mind creating it, the hands making it and the person wearing it,’’ add Shreya.

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