Melodious flavours of ‘Kolkata Kalling’ to capture the essence of Kolkata

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CANVAS-Songs for Kolkata

On 1st June 2019Kolkata Kalling will be presenting CANVAS-Songs for Kolkata, an exclusive maiden show where original compositions reflecting the emotions and sentiments of the city will be performed at Satyajit Ray Auditorium ( ICCR ), 6 pm onward. The evening will be compared by none other than the renowned writer and journalist Shri Shankarlal Bhattacharya. The whole concert will be based on fresh songs revolving our very own city… Kolkata.

Kolkata-the city is not just a piece of land where one thrives for luck. She is a kaleidoscope, lazy and crazy beyond one can ponder. Our city is like an old piano-music rising from any corner you touch…like an old pastel colour box-life in a lot of colours and shades. Kolkata is, on one hand, a city of romance and wish fulfilment, whereas, on the other hand, she is a city with every street and corner rich in musical heritage. Down the history, she has been known for its all-embracing character and respected for her warmth extended towards musicians all over the world. Kolkata Kalling has thus not stuck to the typical musical flavours that are easily equated with the name Kolkata, but it has delved into the depth of the streets and brought out Kolkata’s actual character in its compositions.


Immense love for Kolkata’s music drew AnasmitaRitwik and a few like-minded people together and bonded them to form Kolkata Kalling in the year 2015. Since its inception, Kolkata Kalling has been working with a moto of bringing the very Kolkata to its audience. They have dared to work with a variety of musical genres and have strived for a perfect blend of Indian and Western forms of music. The magic behind Kolkata Kalling’s music lies in the fact that it covers a wide panorama ranging from own Hindi and Bangla magnetic compositions, classical bandishes, Tagore’s masterpieces, soulful ghazals and also ABBA or Eagles’ unforgettable creations or Beethoven’s sonatas. The speciality with this group is that it also brings forward the age-old verses or sayings of ‘SantKavi’ Kabir Das in a form that the audience of every age group can relate to. In other words, Kolkata Kalling is not a band with just foot-tapping and entertaining music but a group which wishes to leave its listeners with a thought-provoking experience.


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